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Design & Color

Choosing Quilt Colors with the Portable Palette

Jinny’s Portable Palette is an indispensible tool for choosing colors for your quilts. Watch the video to see Jinny put it through its paces.

Color’s Impact on Design (Stony Creek)

See how much color placement can affect the look of a quilt block or overall quilt design with twelve variations on the theme.

Computer as a Color Tool

A photograph or computer image can be a wonderful color inspiration for our quilts. Learn how Jinny uses her computer to help her build a color “palette”.

Drafting Quilt Blocks

Drafting just about any patchwork design with just two “old school” tools—a ruler longer than your grid, and a ruler or triangle with a 90-degree angle. Check out Jinny’s no-math method — you’ll be amazed!

Fragmenting: A Whole Quilt Design from a Single Block

An interesting technique for creating a quilt design from a single block is something I call fragmenting. The concept is not new (the Lone Star design is a great example), but it is a fun way to develop new quilt designs.

Jinny’s Color Secrets

In this free video tip, find out the four essentials when choosing fabrics for a quilt. It’s easier than you think to create your own color palette.

Soft-Edge Piecing

What happens when you let a fabric’s design motifs override the boundaries of a patchwork shape? Jinny calls the technique soft-edge piecing and it makes for some really goregous blocks.

Tessellated Designs

A tessellation is a shape that interlocks to completely over a space. Jinny gives you a quick lesson on creating tessellations for quilts.

Working with Diamonds

60° diamonds are extremely versatile and quilts made with them are great for hand piecing projects.