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Terrific Tools

Choosing Quilt Colors with the Portable Palette

Jinny’s Portable Palette is an indispensible tool for choosing colors for your quilts. Watch the video to see Jinny put it through its paces.

Hand Quilting with a Spoon

Jinny swears by an unusual tool to help her make her incredibly small and even quilting stitches — it’s a spoon!

Jinny’s Perfect Cut 60° Ruler

Make quick work of cutting, trimming and marking 60° diamonds and triangles.

Making Quick Work of Creating Templates

Save time by printing templates directly onto Jinny Beyer Template Film.

Perfect Points & Seams with Jinny’s Perfect Piecer

The perfect piecer is a terrific tool to help you create perfect points and even seam allowances.

Using the Apliquick Tools

Get better appliqué results using the Apliquick tools.

Using the Perfect Piecer to Mark Seam Allowances & Intersections

Marking seam intersections on odd-shaped patches or for inset seams is crucial. See how Jinny’s Perfect Piecer makes quick work of that chore and more.