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Quilters’ Block Library

The Quilter’s Block Library includes hundreds of quilt blocks that Jinny has drafted and colored with her fabrics. Sort them by type, search by name or number. . .then download the templates and assembly instructions for the blocks you like.

Discover more than 4,000 quilt blocks in Jinny’s masterpiece book, The Quilter’s Album of Patchwork Patterns.

Double Squares
Block 98

Double Wrench
Block 52

Double X
Block 28

Dutch Rose
Block 66

Dutch Windmills
Block 86

Dutchman’s Puzzle
Block 15

Block 8

Eight-Pointed Star
Block 54

Endless Chain
Block 182

Evening Star
Block 169

Farmer’s Daughter
Block 76

Feather Star
Block 203

Flock of Birds
Block 164

Flower and Leaf Block
Block 166

Flower Basket
Block 126

Forest Trail
Block 143