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Add-a-Quarter Rulers

From $8.99

This ruler is an indispensable tool for all paper piecers. It accurately adds a quarter inch to your piecing templates and provides a straight line for trimming and placement of the next fabric piece.

The ruler comes in two sizes. The 6-inch is perfect for small blocks or blocks with tiny pieces while the 12-inch makes it easy to trim large blocks or those long, skinny pieces like you find in a compass block.

The Add-A-Quarter Ruler measures 2″ x 6″.

The Add-A-Quarter Plus Ruler measures 2″ x 12″.


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Fabric Style #

Add-A-Quarter Plus with its specially designed lip, automatically adds the customary 1/4″ seam allowance to any angle and provides a straight edge for your rotary cutter. The tapered edge is used as a straight edge for folding back the foundation.

The Add-A-Quarter Plus allows you to use your rotary cutter when foundation piecing to trim excess fabric and provide a straight line for placement of the next fabric piece. It combines the speed of rotary cutting quilt pieces with the accuracy of using templates. (Directions on package)

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