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About Our Kits

What’s Included
Our kits generally include a pattern plus all the fabrics needed for the quilt top, borders and binding. The kit description provides details, as well as information on backing yardage requirements and fabric suggestions.

Fabrics in the kit are usually provided in the Fabric Number order specified in the pattern. So although we know you want to take the fabrics out right away, it’s best not to disturb the fabric order until you’re reviewed the pattern!

Fabric yardage for the kits is generous, allowing for the occasional cutting error. Pay attention to any cutting order or layout specified in the pattern to ensure you have sufficient fabric for longer or large pieces. Please note that Jinny prefers her borders to be seam-free whenever possible, so the fabric for borders in our kits is usually provided in lengthwise cuts so no piecing is required.

Custom Kits
We often get requests to make up a Jinny Beyer quilt kit in a special colorway or size. Although some patterns are more challenging than others to change, we will consider most requests. Custom kitting fees generally range from $20 to $50 depending on the complexity of kit. In addition, we require additional time to prepare a custom kit order so plan ahead! If you’d like to discuss a custom kit, contact us at service@jinnybeyer.com or call our Customer Service group.