Kyoto – Jinny Beyer’s 2018 Block-of-the-Month Quilt Videos

Kyoto – Jinny Beyer’s 2018 Block-of-the-Month Quilt

Kyoto was our 2018 mystery quilt. Jinny created a video to go with each month’s “clues” giving followers a wonderful opportunity to learn and sew along with her.  The links below will take you to each video.

Kyoto quilt kits are available in four different colorways – Blue/Purple, Green/Red, Mauve/Tan & Teal/Spice. The pattern is no longer a free download but is available for purchase. Click here for more information on Kyoto kits.

Month One

Kyoto Clue One Video

Month Two

Kyoto Clue Two Video

Month Three

Kyoto Clue Three Video

Month Four

Kyoto Clue Four Video

Month Five

Kyoto Clue Five Video

Month Six

Kyoto Clue Six Video

Month Seven

Kyoto Clue Seven Video

Month Eight

Kyoto Clue Eight Video