Architech 5-in-1 Pen


It’s much more than a pen — it’s five tools, rolled into one! This Architech Pro 5-in-1 Precision Pen offers the functionality of a pen, a stylus, a level, a ruler, and a screwdriver (both regular and Phillips head).

The sleek design has a mechanical feel and the diamond-grate grip makes the tools easy to use. The soft, rounded tip of the stylus prevents screen scratches. To use the screwdriver function, simply remove the stylus tip.



  • Assorted colors; please allow us to choose
  • 5 uses: pen, stylus, level, ruler, and screwdriver
  • Stylus works with smartphones, tablets, and touchscreen devices
  • Pen features non-refillable black ink

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
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Gifts, Other

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