Jinny Beyer Perfect Cut Rulers

Jinny designed her 6″ x 12″ Perfect Cut rulers to be all-in-one tools.

Use the straight sides to cut out strips your desired width. The angled edge and corresponding ruler markings lets you cut perfect 45° or 60° angles (depending on the ruler you choose), so cutting accurate diamond or triangle patches is quick and easy.

To make it easier to match the fabric patches when sewing, there are holes in the ruler for marking the seam intersections, and the tip of the sharp angle has been blunted so the fabric points can be trimmed off.

The ruler markings are easily seen on light, dark and even high-contrast patterned fabrics.

Watch this video as Jinny demonstrates how to use the ruler to cut strips of the desired width, cut out the diamond or triangle patches, trim points and mark seam intersections. It’s a big time saver!

Only 45° ruler available.

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Use the 60° Ruler for cutting 60° diamonds (such as those used in tumbling blocks) and equilateral triangles. The 45° Ruler is perfect for 45° diamonds (such as those used in eight-pointed stars) and right angle triangles.

Corresponding templates are also available.

And don’t miss the gorgeous artisan-made, hardwood storage box.  The Perfect Cut rulers slide in to become the top!


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45° Ruler, 60° Ruler

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