The Mary Frances Sewing Book


The Mary Frances Sewing Book: Adventures Among the Thimble People teaches kids how to sew, while also telling the story of Mary Frances’s new friends, the Thimble People. The Thimble People helped her spend a delightful summer vacation at her grandmother’s. She met Sewing bird, who was a real Fairy Lady, and the other Thimble People. They taught her a lot of fascinating secrets, took her on a long journey to Thimble Land, and brought her back safely after the most marvelous adventures. Several pages have a color illustration on glossy paper that go with the story.

Mary Frances says if anyone who really wishes to learn to sew will follow the lessons exactly as given, they can hardly fail. The book contains 33 patterns and instructions for 46 projects. Some patterns are in the text, and ten are provided on fold-out paper for you to trace or copy.

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Hardcover, 280 pages.

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From Booklist: “An amazing amount of meticulous research elevates this compendium from a ho-hum aggregate to one that inspires and engages. . . . [Jinny] Beyer enhances her encyclopedic reference by featuring mini catalogs of like-minded design styles, like bow ties, airplanes, the Red Cross, and kaleidoscope blocks. She also details her sources with commentary and explains how she categorized the blocks. Worthy of any quilting (and quilter’s) library.” –Barbara Jacobs

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