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Travel Delay Excuses

What a better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with the grandchildren. My husband and I flew out on February 13th and almost missed Valentine’s Day altogether.


Polly with Balloon


Our flight arrangements included a one hour layover in San Francisco. That would give us enough time to make our connection and arrive at our destination just as the kids were getting out of school.

Well, we boarded our plane and then sat and sat and sat and after about a half hour the pilot came on and said they they were waiting for a part for the cockpit. Fifteen minutes later he said they got the part which was a new oxygen mask for the pilot’s seat and we would be on our way soon.  I immediately wondered what happened on the last flight that now required a new oxygen mask for the pilot. We were not enlightened on that point.

Ten minutes later we were informed that oxygen masks are specific to each aircraft and the one they brought didn’t fit this plane, but they found one on a plane in a hangar away from the airport. They were sending someone for it. We were updated on when the person picked up the part and that he would be back right away. Half hour later we were informed they they finally arrived with the correct part, but the reason it took so long was that the person bringing the part got a speeding ticket on the way back.

Now I have traveled a LOT. I have heard all kinds of reasons for delays, but this was a first for me. Good thing the San Francisco plane was also delayed by a little and we made our connection with only three minutes to spare. If we had missed that plane we would have had to spend the night in San Francisco.

Polly Cutting Fabric


The kids immediately started cutting fabric I brought them to make some items for their animals......Polly sewed a hat for her bear and Emmett made a scarf for his dog.
The kids immediately started cutting fabric I brought them to make some items for their animals……Polly sewed a hat for her bear and Emmett made a scarf for his dog.


As is always the case when I visit, the kids immediately ask when we can sew something. They also bring out all the clothes and animals that need a little repair work done.

Bear with Hat

Emmett brought out a pair of socks with holes in them and I told him I hadn’t brought my darning egg. He said “That’s okay Grandma, we have some maracas. You can use one of those!”

Emmett with Maracas

6 thoughts on “Travel Delay Excuses

  1. So glad you and your husband were able to make your connecting flight. Thanks so much for sharing the wonderful photos of your grandchildren and the bear’s hat!

  2. Wow what an ordeal! Glad you made it and what a reward to go to. your Grandchildren are precious.
    Linda Peck
    Florida customer

  3. I’m so happy to hear the name Polly again. I don’t usually hear a young child with that name.

  4. Jinny,
    I had a flight like that about a year and a half ago. I had gone to tour Turkey and picked up a bronchial infection somewhere along the line. So I was taken off the flight in Frankfort on the way home and deposited in the nearest hospital. (I was also declared “no show” for the second part of my flight home. Don’t fly Luftansa.) When I was allowed to continue my flight home, I had to go through Philadelphia. All went well until the time came to continue from there into Denver. Like you, we sat and sat for almost an hour until the pilot announced that they had been unable to get the computer showing the amount of fuel we had to work. They transferred us to another plane in the next concourse over; we loaded and then sat and sat again. After almost an hour the pilot announced that they couldn’t get the computer on that plane to work at all and furthermore the crew had timed out. We were directed back to our original gate and put on a third plane. So instead of landing at about 7:00, it was just after 12:00 when we finally got to Denver.
    The only saving grace in retrospect is that I went to Turkey when I did. By the next year it would have been too dangerous. While it was a fascinating country and I would like to go back, I doubt world events will allow it. As to my experiences in Germany, I was robbed, cheated and stuck in a hospital where the only person who spoke English was the doctor. Of the two countries, Turkey was the more civilized.

  5. Grandchildren are pure magic and love.

  6. I had a similar story about a flight from Reagan to Ft Myers FL. The cockpit window was not working. This is how the pilot & co-pilot escape after landing on water etc. It is a special window that must open and close and be sealed under pressure. Long story short – waited for special repairman, couldn’t repair window, new window part was flown in, another mishap, finally repaired 10 hours later. Arrived 12 hours late in Ft. Myers. People who rushed to an alternate flight arrived almost on time!!

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