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Backgrounds Make a Difference

Last month we introduced Group 2 of the Rainbow Grand Bundle. Using my quilt pattern Night and Day as an illustration, I wrote a post about the proportions of colors, how they can change the appearance of a quilt design and how different a design looks with either a very light or a very dark background.


Night and Day with a light background.


This month, going a step further, I illustrate the same fabrics in the same strip configurations but with a medium color as the background. The second border had to be changed to one of the dark fabrics because there was not enough contrast between it and the background fabric used in the remaining borders.

As promised, the revised pattern using 28 fabrics rather than the original 14 is now ready for you to download for free.


Last month’s versions of Night and Day.


Which version of the designs shown this month and last is best? We all have different opinions so it is up to you to pick your favorite!


7 thoughts on “Backgrounds Make a Difference

  1. I love the one with the light blue batik that is also used in the blocks. It makes parts of the blocks look like they’re floating.

  2. I’ve always been partial to blue… and the patchwork shows up nicely with that medium blue background. White is washed out; black is too striking. Yep, blue is it!

  3. I love the light blue background with the dark blue inner border! I’m not a blue fan … lean more toward greens, but the blue is striking. It reminds me more of a rainbow!!

  4. I like the black back ground best

  5. I like the light blue background with the dark blue and dark green dominating, the first one pictured. I feel like I am viewing a kaleidoscope!

  6. I really like the black background one. Really shows up all the other colours so beautifully. I also love perusing your newsletters and thank you for sharing so much! 😊

  7. I think both backgrounds have their own merit. I would have liked the lighter image if the white area wasn’t so stark. When I was doing photography I was told your eye always goes to the brightest spot in the art. When I look at the white background I can’t keep my eyes away from that area. I love all of the other colors I would like it better if that area wasn’t so much of a contrast to the other colors. It could be any pale color and it wouldn’t be as shocking.
    I still think you are THE GODDESS of fabrics and quilting. Thank you for sharing your genius with me.

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