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Busy Month – At Least We Are Not Bored


It has been a super busy month. We started selling kits for our new Block of the Month (BOM) mystery quilt, Kyoto Mystery, as soon as the March newsletter went out and have been busy getting the kits in the mail. Judging from the response, you are as excited about this as we are. Be sure you are signed up for our free monthly newsletter because the first clue and video lesson will appear in the April newsletter which will go out on April 7, around 5:30 PM EDT.  If you are not yet signed up, you can sign up on our website here.



Adding to the hustle and bustle going on is that we are in the throes of launching a new web site. In 1990 my son, who had started a fledgling web site development business, said I needed a website and proceeded to set one up for me. He eventually sold his business and we have been with that company ever since. Now they are handling much larger clients with more sophisticated software and can no longer continue supporting our site. So, for the last year we have been in the process of developing a new site. We are letting you know this so you won’t be shocked when one day you come to find us and will be greeted with a new look.



Many of you may be like me. I hate it when I go to a site that I visit often and find it all changed around. We are working hard, though, to get everything moved over to the new site. Have patience and you’ll find that all of the tips, lessons, products, etc. are still there. It may take you a few minutes to get acclimated to the new look.

And with all of this going on, we had some truly unusual weather. The big east coast windstorm hit our area and knocked out power to many homes and businesses. Our shop was without power for two days and at my house, it was four days before we got our power back. I couldn’t help but think of the poor people in Puerto Rico who are still without power and count my own blessings that it was only four days for us. So many people north of Virginia have been hit worse by the storm and another is on the way.



Have heart. Spring is on the way. I always know it is close when I am greeted with the beautiful blooming Hellebores in my yard.




3 thoughts on “Busy Month – At Least We Are Not Bored

  1. Thanks a lots to remember and mentioned the people of Puerto Rico that no have electricity from September 6,2017. Yesterday have internet at home, and a pleasure to read your newsletter today.Happy Spring.

  2. I would like to pull from my stash. Is there a listing of how much fabric is needed of the 10 gradations and 1 border?

    1. The first clue will include materials needed to make the BOM with fabrics from your stash.

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