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Catching Up Blog

It seems like the last month has been a whirlwind. I can finally take a deep breath. Sadly, the baseball season is finished but what an amazing, or should I say “Astronomical” finish it was with the Nats winning the World Series. Being an avid Washington Nationals fan, I went to many games including several of the post-season games. In addition to that excitement, our Quilters’ Quest Shop Hop is over, I have just returned from Quilt Market in Houston and now I can play catch up.


Beautiful blue and white exhibit at Market.



Longtime customers Don & Sandy Gholson from NC with Sandy’s sister as they finished the Quest.


For those of you who have asked, we are working on a revision of our Open Book quilt pattern that we gave out during the Quest. (See last months’ blog.) The new pattern will be geared to a scrap quilt. In my mind, for a quilt like this, the more fabrics the better. I will let you know as soon as the new pattern is ready and give you some suggestions for fabrics to use.

One of the exciting things on my agenda is that I have agreed to be the guest quilter on three incredible trips with Craftours over the next year and a half. Full details are not yet available but I will let you know as soon as they have been finalized. Meanwhile you might want to put a tentative mark on your calendars for a wonderful experience exploring the treasures of ancient Greece, May 9-19, 2020, or join me October 3-14, 2020 on an exotic trip to Uzbekistan where we will discover the history, textiles, traditions and crafts of the Silk Road. The third trip is an ultimate Kenya Safari expedition, January 15-23, 2021.





For those who would like to participate, I am planning a small hand sewing project for each trip based on design influences from that country. We will have a three hour workshop at the beginning of the trip and informal sewing sessions during the trip. Details will be given in advance so you do not have to bring a lot with you…after all, we need to save space in our bags for shopping! I hope you can join me on one or even all three of these exciting experiences.

8 thoughts on “Catching Up Blog

  1. I would love the Open Book pattern. Please advise if you are going to have the pattern in a pdf form. I know I can not go on a quest. Wish I could! The pattern is amazing

    1. We are excited to say that the Open Book pattern is being worked on by our team. Stay tuned to the monthly newsletter and blog for details on availability.

  2. The trip to Africa sounds exciting. Looking forward to more details.

  3. Jinny. How much more excitement can you handle 😁. All three trips sound wonderful. I’ll have to start saving my pennies✈️🦁🐘🦌 maybe I’ll be able to leave the “moms” for a trip

  4. Jinny, I am so happy that you will be joining us at Craftours again! All three of these trips are truly amazing in what they will offer participants in culture, arts and crafts, inspiration, culinary, and so many other things. I love that you will have a hand project that is designed especially for each destination. Great idea!
    Jim West xx

  5. Going to your Blog mentioned, I would like to purchase the Inner City pattern if it is available.

    1. We are excited to say that the Open Book pattern is being worked on by our team. Stay tuned to the monthly newsletter and blog for details on availability.

  6. Definitely, the African safari trip will be amazing!

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