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Cosmos – The 2016 Jinny Beyer Studio Block-of-the-Month

Cosmos blueAt the end of December, it is always hard to believe that the year went by so quickly. This year it practically swirled by. There was so much activity related to the Craftsy 2015 Block of the Month that those of us at the Studio hardly had time to blink our eyes. Craftsy has completed all 12 months of that program, but will be keeping the class on their roster so anyone can sign up and even watch all of the episodes at one time if you want. There are a lot of valuable tips and techniques that will help in any type of quilting you are interested in.

So now that the New Year is upon us, I am pleased to introduce you to the JINNY BEYER STUDIO 2016 Block of the Month, Cosmos.This is a FREE program available to anyone who is subscribed to our monthly newsletter. Each newsletter, which comes out the first Saturday of the month, will have a link to the pattern download for that month’s block. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter.  Look for our next newsletter on January 2 to download the first pattern.

Altogether, the 2016 BOM has two main color schemes: red/gold or blue/teal. Each of those is available with a light or a dark background for a total combination of four quilts to choose from. The blocks are organized by level of difficulty with the easier ones coming first and the more difficult ones coming later in the year. Each month, we will refer to videos or quilt tips on our web site that will help you with the techniques in that month’s lesson.

Cosmos redCosmos is a template-based pattern. A few of the pieces can be rotary cut and those are indicated in the individual patterns. However, because of the variance in the scale and design of the blocks there are a lot of odd-sized pieces that do not fit normal rotary cutting dimensions. We have put together Template Packs containing all six pages of templates already printed to scale onto Templar template plastic.  These template packs are available on our website under the kit options for the quilt.

Two blocks are introduced in January along with general instructions. Many techniques are used each month including making and printing templates, the importance of grain line, hand piecing and more. I hope you will give it a try.happy-new-year-big


46 thoughts on “Cosmos – The 2016 Jinny Beyer Studio Block-of-the-Month

  1. This BOM looks fantastic. One little questions I already receive your newsletter so I should get this in my inbox automatically. Is this correct or do I need to sign up again.
    Look forward to learn more with this project.

    1. If you are already signed up for the newsletter, you should receive it and do not need to sign up again. Have fun!

  2. So enjoyed the 2015 Block of Month. I love this one. When will the kit be available?

    1. I found the kit.

  3. Happy new year

  4. Jinny, Happy New Year to you and your Staff.

  5. Wow! It looks amazing and I can’t wait to get started.

  6. It won’t let me sign up for your newsletter.

    1. Hi,
      If you are still having problems signing up for the newsletter, please e-mail or call us toll free at 1-866-759-7373 and we will help you out.

  7. Jinny, I love your work! I’ve been waiting to see what you’d come up with for 2016; it surpasses my expectations!
    Thank you for doing this .

  8. Today is the day I should have got my News Letter .I am so ready for this block of the month.Getting ready to order supplies.

  9. want the new BOM cosmo pattern can’t find where to down load

    1. The BOM FREE pattern download is available to all monthly newsletter subscribers. The monthly newsletter comes out the first Saturday of each month. Enjoy!

      1. Hi, I think I was too late for signing up for the newsletter. Is there any possibility for still getting the january newsletter with the pattern for the january star???

        Oh and happy new year 🙂

      2. If you sign up now, you will get the February newsletter in a few weeks. That will allow you access to that month’s block and past ones.
        An, Happy New Year to you too!

  10. Beautiful! Can’t wait to start. Thank you.

  11. LOVE this quilt and plan on making it. Is there an option for making it king size? If not, do you have
    any suggestions for doing that? Also, how much more fabric would I need?

    Many thanks.

    1. Unfortunately the symmetry involved in making this quilt makes it hard to easily resize it into a king size. It would have to be a complete redesign.

  12. I have subscribed to your news letter. I have received notice through email but I don’t have any idea how to find and down load the patterns for your Cosmos BOM. I click at the bottom of the email which brings me back to your web page but I am only finding info on ordering patterns or the kit. Very excited to learn from you. Thank you

    1. Thank you for subscribing. In the newsletter, the section for Cosmos, there is a link for Cosmos Month 1- this will take you to the download page for the first set of pattern. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-759-7373 if you need additional help. Enjoy the BOM!

    2. Thank you for subscribing. In the e-mail newsletter that you received for January, there is a link entitled “Cosmos Month 1” at the bottom of the newsletter. If you click that link it will take you to the page to download patterns. If you have any questions, feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-759-7373.

  13. Hi Jinny

    I’m already signed up for your newsletter but am having problems finding out where the BOM Cosmos is.


    1. Please contact customer service––with your first and last name, the email address you used for the newsletter, your state or, if outside of the US, your country.

    2. Hi Carmen,

      Thanks for subscribing. In the newsletter, the section for Cosmos, there is a link for Cosmos Month 1. This will take you to the download page for the first set of pattern. Feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-759-7373 if you need additional help. Enjoy the BOM!

  14. Do you recommend prewashing your fabric for the Cosmos kit?

    1. Check out this blog written by Jinny, hopefully it will answer your question about washing fabrics.

  15. The complete kit does not include the plastic templates.

    1. No, the complete kit does not include the plastic templates but does include the paper templates. However, there was a problem with the first few complete kits that went out. We failed to notice that the patterns we got back from the printer did not include the template pages. If you were one of these first orders, we just yesterday put the template pages in the mail to you. If you do not receive them or have any further problems, please contact the Studio at or call 866-759-7373. So sorry about that!

  16. love the look of your new Cosmos so I want the news letter.
    Your page rejects my email. I did sign up and received your newsletter for a while
    the last may have been in Nov. Updated to Microsoft 10 this may be the problem

    1. Hmm…curious. The best thing to do to get this straightened out is to contact the or 866-759-7373.

  17. I just signed up. Will I get the link for January newsletter for the Cosmo pattern? I see you need the link listed in the emailed newsletter that I missed.

    1. Yes, you will get the link for January when the February newsletter goes out on 6th.

  18. I keep trying to sign up for your newsletter, but get an “error dialog box” every time I click on “Submit”.

    Will you please sign me up with this email? Thank you. Diane Ritchie

    1. Sure, you are all signed up and should be receiving the newsletter for February.

  19. I bought the templates and I have the fabric for your Cosmos quilt, but I believe that I signed up for Januarys newsletter too late. Is there still a way that I can download the month of January?

    1. Yes, you will get the link for January when the February newsletter goes out on 6th.

  20. Jinny Beyer is the most wonderful quilter and designer. Thank you for letting me visit your web site!
    It is filled with Awesome Quilts and Inspiration is everywhere!

  21. Thank you so much for the Cosmos Block of the Month, it’s a beautiful quilt and I am so happy to be part of it. Thank you for sharing your beautiful designs and finished quilts.

  22. Please sign me up for the monthly newsletter and your Block of the Month, Cosmos.
    Thank you.

  23. Visited a quilt show in Whitby England and saw the 2015 block of the month quilt, it was stunning, do you still have the complete fabric kit for sale.
    If so a friend would love to buy it, what is the cost of Kit and postage to England, I am almost finished Moon Glow and it is greatly admired.
    Many thanks Ann

    1. Yes, the 2015 Block-of-the-Month kit is still available only through Craftsy. Enjoy!

  24. Can order in some way this Block of the month? I am living in the Netherlands

    1. We ship internationally, the kit for Cosmos is available on our website following the link here.

  25. Hi ,
    I signed up for this BOM2016, pattern 1-13 are in my stock, but after No.13 I didn`t become any more newsletter , so No. 14 ( was in No.14 also the construction ?) isn´t here, is there a way to become it ??
    The other email adress was jatajomi Please have a look. Thank you. Sorry for my bad english. Andrea

  26. Now that it is March 2017, can I buy the Cosmos pattern. I’d love to make it for my grandson and his wife! Their colors are maroon, navy and cream! I’ve always loved Jenny’s books and fabrics. All the way back to the early 80s.

    1. Yes, the pattern is now available for purchase through this link. We would love to see what you come up with!

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