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Craftsy BOM Students

Craftsy blocks 1-4When I agreed to design and teach a Block of the Month class for Craftsy last year, I have to admit that I had no idea what to expect. I have been quilt teacher for decades now. Even though I’ve written many books and had lessons recorded for viewing either online or on TV, most of my teaching has been face to face. I was hoping to get a good response to the Craftsy class but in no way did I ever imagine that well over 60,000 of you would sign up.

While I’m thrilled by your response, I do miss the interaction with my students. I’m fortunate, though, to have the Studio here in Virginia where I get to see several students who are making each month’s blocks and talk to them about their experience with the class.  Here are just two of them and their experiences.

Margot is a frequent customer who brings cheer into the shop when she visits. If you follow us on Facebook, you have often seen her work. She is quite an enthusiastic quilter and we love when she walks in the door to share her work.

Craftsy Margot-1Up until January, Margot had been very busy completing large bed quilts, pillow cases and smaller children’s quilts for donation. She decided to take a break to study, to learn something new, and signed up to take my Craftsy class. She says, “It was just too good an opportunity to miss.”

Hand stitching the first block was difficult for her. The stitches were not uniform; the blocks were not the right size. But she hung in there with the project and completed the block. Each block became easier and her stitches became more regular. Not as small as she would like but acceptable to her.

As she now has the first four blocks completed, hand piecing has become a habit. This success arose from constant work and locating help on Craftsy when needed. She is happy to say that at age 77, she can still learn a new skill.

Cathy is also taking the class. I first met her on a trip to India over a year ago. Just this past month, when she expressed interest in working at the Studio, I quickly hired her.

Her quilting addiction, as she calls it, began a few years ago when visiting her sister and being told they were taking a beginning quilting class together. Having only worked on fairly simple blocks so far, Cathy decided that she needed to step out of her comfort zone and signed up for the BOM class.

“I was apprehensive and was afraid of failure.  I loved the fabric and before I knew it, I was on the website, signed up for the class, ordered the kit and now I was committed. “

Craftsy cathyThe first block appeared to be going well but once the top of the basket was sewn in place there was an issue–it did not match up with the bottom. She soon discovered that she had cut one set of the triangles the wrong size.  After recutting and sewing, she was happy with the results. (Don’t worry. We’ve ALL been there, Cathy!)

Cathy writes: “I have discovered if you watch the video (more than once) and carefully read (and re-read) the instructions for assembling the block, you will be successful.   My fear and hesitation has now turned to excitement and I am anxiously waiting for the new month so I can learn more.  Bring on the appliqué and paper piecing!”

Craftsy BOM final quiltOften we hesitate to try new things when they seem difficult or unfamiliar. Learning new skills can be exciting yet intimidating at the same time.  I have found, though, that with practice, these new skills become easier and, eventually, even natural. As my students have told me, the best thing to do is to just jump right in and give it a try.

17 thoughts on “Craftsy BOM Students

  1. I bought the kit because the quilt is so beautiful. I was a little nervous because I have only been quilting for a short time and wasn’t sure what I got myself into. But Jinny’s video are so great and I am learning so many new things that I am having a lot of fun. I wish I lived near her shop. She is a wonderful teacher.
    Happy Quilting!

  2. I would like to know how to get the kit for this Crafty’s BOM. I am keeping up with the instructions and classes but need to know about the fabric. Could you please help?

    1. Hi,
      The Craftsy kit is available through their website by clicking this link.
      The might be on backorder at the moment due to the dock strike but don’t worry, more kits will be arriving soon.

  3. I signed up as well. I had wanted to take a course at Hilton Head for so long but it did not happen. This opportunity is almost as good. I can see Jinny work and can re watch a video when I don’t understand a concept. I can’t wait to see my finished quilt. Someday I will be fortunate enough to take a face to face course with my quilting idol— Jinny Beyer.

  4. I purchased the BOM for last year and have also purchased the Craftsy BOM with Jinny for this year – I have been overly ambitious as I have only just started to learn how to sew – let alone quilt – I have not done any work on the one for this year but I did do last years one – not very well – lots of mistakes not game to do this years as yet – posted a comment/question on the Craftsy web site and received quite a negative response from someone -I had thought that this would be a group where there would be some encouragement- it seems to be very competitive – who can finish the block first !! oh well i will just keep trying and maybe do the quilt at sometime in the future. I watch the videos and feel that my knowledge is increasing – just have to be able to translate this into the practical. The quilt kit is just magnificent

    1. I am sorry to hear that you feel a bit discouraged but we here at the shop feel confident that you can do it! Keep on trying, you will only get better with practice! We would love to see pictures of the work you have done so far!

      1. Dear Jinny
        Thank you for reply and encouragement. Where I live in Australia it is quite isolated and I
        do not have the opportunity to attend classes -also work full time in the Disability sector – I was interested to read that you will be in Melbourne in April – with kind regards, Kerri

    2. Dear Kerri, Please don’t let one or two ignorant people make you feel sad/bad about your hobby of quilting. I do not “blog” much and I am a private person due to the fact that I let other people control my feelings for many years. I love to quilt and I am taking this years BOM with Jinny Beyer. I do this to make myself happy. You can do this for yourself also. It is so much fun to take a course while it is happening. I only hand pieced , but I am working on the paper pieced pattern. I did it with different fabric twice and finally “got it”. You can do it too. This is my first BOM. If you did last years , you can do this years. Please join me and many other nice people and learn new ways of doing things.

      1. Thank you for your response – this is the only blog I have ever been on and I really appreciated Jinny’s and your comments -I still haven’t started the quilt but I am hopeful that I will feel comfortable with starting fairly soon – I have watched the videos and have felt inspired . The one I did last year was not too good – but it was a learning curve – there are quite a few seams that I have to re sew – oh well.

  5. I have been unsuccessfully trying to purchase the BOM 2015 kit through Craftsy since I enrolled. I joined the waiting list, and was advised several weeks that the kits were available. I tried again to get the kit (the same day as the email from Craftsy saying it was available) and again was told it is sold out.

    Is there any other way to obtain this kit? I am still very interested in buying the kit. Thank you.

    1. We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble obtaining this kit. Have you tried contacting Craftsy via phone at 1-888-979-6769, maybe talking to a live body would help provide more detailed information? We have all of the fabric for the kit available on our website by the yard but we are not able to kit this quilt for you.

  6. I have only been quilting for a short period of timee. I find myself gravitasting to the more complex designs., this has mei creating a practice ablock prior to the monthly block. The bright colors give me the drive to keep working. Your classes have given me the confidence to rcreateea quilt for my daughter’s wedding. So far everything is going well and I know it is the suggestions and classes that you teach. Wish there were more classes in Colorado.

  7. I had signed up for the BOM class through Craftsy but was told that it was sold out. Is there anyway I can get the materials from you. I love all your quilts and would like to take a class with you in Pennsylvania. But I would like to take a on class with you beforehand. Thank you for your time.


    Linda Henriques

    1. We do have all the fabrics for the Craftsy BOM on our website available for purchase by the yard but we are unable to make a kit for you. Happy quilting!

  8. Hello,
    I’ve also contacted craftsy (love your class) as you instructed on your site. Then I came across this page. Below was my question:
    Hello, I am preparing to start this project. Only I would love to do the Red fabric that you presented on your class video, instead of the Blue. The Blue is absolutely beautiful. I found the Red border on your website and I would like A Red kit for the price of the Blue kit. I realize you didn’t offer a Red one, but am hoping you will. For future on a project like this and with fabric like yours (the border) that comes in more than one color, it would be absolutely fantastic if you offered it in two different color kits. I am willing to go through your site and put together the colors for the Red kit, but can’t because the price will be much more. Thank you so much.

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. Craftsy has opted to only offer the kit in the blue colorway. We are unable to offer our fabrics at a discounted rate. If you subscribe to our weekly web specials. we often times have sales on Jinny’s various fabric collections.

      1. Thank you for your quick response and for the information. I will definitely sign up for your weekly web specials. Again the Blue quilt is absolutely beautiful. I’m happy and excited to have found Jinny Beyer and all of her beautiful fabrics.

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