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Holiday Greetings from JBS and Gus and Luke, too

I want to take this opportunity to wish you and all my friends from around the world a very happy holiday season. During this past year I have been so thrilled to see the quilting you have all done and have loved seeing photographs of your work.


Happy holidays from Luke and Gus!
Happy holidays from Luke and Gus!


Speaking of photographs, it has been a while since I shared any information about our dogs, but they are here to give you good wishes as well. Gus is now 10, a mellow guy who is getting grayer and grayer by the day. When he is not hoping to get food, he is sleeping.

Luke, on the other hand, is a bundle of energy, carries two balls around all the time hoping someone will throw them for him to chase. He chases squirrels, groundhogs and anything else that will run from him. When he is tuckered out he likes to go to his special place…the bench part of our trestle table. What he doesn’t seem to realize is that he has grown since he was a small puppy and discovered that spot.


Luke relaxing in his favorite spot.
Luke relaxing in his favorite spot.



Both dogs are looking forward to the holiday because they know they will each receive a new stuffed dog toy. Gus will take care of his, use it as a pillow and just carry it around. Luke will most likely have his in shreds in a manner of minutes. He proudly carries around the remnants.


Gus is asking Santa for a new toy to rest on and carry around.
Gus is asking Santa for a new toy to rest on and carry around.



Luke with his current toy fragments.
Luke with his current toy fragments.


So we can take time to enjoy the season, here are our hours for the holidays ahead. And remember, that we are always closed on Sundays.

Saturday, December 24: 10-2

Monday, December 26: closed

Saturday, December 31: 10-2

From the entire staff of Jinny Beyer Studio, we wish you the happiness of family and friends and the joy of the season.


Holiday Wishes




6 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings from JBS and Gus and Luke, too

  1. Merry Christmas to you all. Beautiful Labradors Jinny. We have a 2 year lab named Simba who like Luke likes to chase balls and continually play. They give us so much joy don’t they? I haven’t done much sewing this year but here’s hoping for 2017.

  2. Merry Christmas to team of JBS! I love you all! And I very like labradors! Dear Jinny, I would like a more stories about your dogs 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas to you, your family, and pets. Happy new year too

    Miss you

  4. Merry Christmas to you too! Love your dogs and their toys. They bring good memories! (love your quilts as well!)
    Big hug from Belgium,
    Christ’l Beyers

  5. Oh what fun…the dogs! Thanks for the photos.

  6. Great pictures of your dogs. Enjoy them while you can. Increased sleeping, failing eyesight and hearing are other signs to prepare yourself. We lost our 13 year old Australian Shepherd on Jan 25, and those were our only signs, not greying. He got to come into the house to catch a mouse (he’d kill but not eat them) and then laid down on the heated flooring and fell asleep. We used to go on walks, he warned us unwanted critters and found the kittens in the field. It’s a time of adjustment for both myself and his buddy, Butters (a cat).
    Quilt Guild is doing BOM this year and I’d like to do mine in Jewel tones. Mom’s made beautiful quilts from your fabrics and the two of you are my inspiration. Thanks! Going to browse, plan, and I’ll be back.

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