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Looking Ahead to the New Year

The new year has started off with a flurry of activity. After a great week over the holidays with the grandkids out west (Polly loves her Ever Sewn Sparrow 20 sewing machine and has already put it to a lot of work and Emmett loves his drum set…given after I checked with the parents first) and a week recovering from the bug everyone has, I dug in and started preparing for all that lay ahead this year.



First off, I’m putting the final touches on our 2018 Block of the Month program. Everyone loved the mystery quilt theme last year so we decided to do another this year. Several of you asked for the quilt to be a little larger so it could be used as a lap quilt or throw so we have made it both rectangular and larger. The size of the quilt is 58” x 63”.



Once again there are video lessons to go along with each clue and the pattern and lessons are free to subscribers of our newsletter. If you do not receive our free monthly newsletters, be sure to sign up on our homepage. The first clue will appear in the April newsletter.

I have designed this year’s quilt in four colorways and we will have kits available. Information on ordering the kits will be in our February newsletter.

On another note, we have already had our first meeting for the 2018 Quilters’ Quest, our annual shop hop. The most important thing for now is to mark the dates on your calendar. Because Quilt Market and Festival in Houston are a week later this year we didn’t want to push our dates any closer to Thanksgiving. Therefore, the 2018 Quest is scheduled for October 19th through 28th. The weather should be warmer, the fall colors beautiful for your drive, and we will not yet have set our clocks back so it will be lighter! All good and we look forward to another successful year.



This past Quest we had many people attend from out of the area. In fact, we had people from 32 of our states and four foreign countries. We hope to see even more of you this year. Each of the shops will be having at least one bus. So, leave the driving to us and sign up for one of the two-day bus tours. More information on the days of the buses will be available soon.

In this cold winter, at least here in the states, bundle up and have fun quilting!

13 thoughts on “Looking Ahead to the New Year

  1. Had fun doing last years mystery quilt, just got it back from having it quilted. It turned out beautiful!

  2. Very interested

  3. Looking forward to the new quilt.

  4. Would like to do mystery quilt

  5. I have two kinds of fabric in my stash: batiks and Jinny Beyer. I have done many quilts using only Jinny Beyer fabrics. My last series on my Etsy shop is called Color Pops using a variety of fabrics I love. I would love your opinion of how I am using the colors.

  6. Very interested too!

  7. This will be my first mystery quilt project and I am anxious to get started.

  8. I did last years but had to have my lessons printed through a friend Theresa. I have sub scribed ever month and had never recieved a newsletter last year. Will this year be any different? I would really love to learn your techniques. I’m trying to sign up this year so I can be included and join your block of the month. Hope to hear from you, Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      We see that you are signed up to receive our newsletters and weekly web specials and they are sent to your address. Perhaps the e-mails are going to your spam folder? Be sure to mark on your safe list so that you can receive the e-mails. The 2018 BOM will be provided in the same manner as last year with links in the monthly newsletter. If you continue to have problems, feel free to call us toll free at 1-866-759-7373.

  9. I would love to do the block of the month this year. Please let me know when it begins.

  10. Will you have a mystery quilt this year?

  11. I loved Moroccan Mystery. It was my first mystery quilt. I used the crimson kit but also love the coffee colorway. I am debating whether to do another one of last year’s in the coffee color or to do the 2018 project. Such a dilemma!

  12. The borders for thr teal, blue, and green all have the color in them. Why doesn’t the mauve? I want the mauve but wish it had the mauve color in the border

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