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Making Quick Work of Creating Templates

Jinny usually makes templates for her quilts by placing semi-transparent template plastic over a pattern and tracing the lines using a permanent marker. It’s a quick process if you are making only a couple of templates. Sampler quilts are another story — they might incorporate dozens of templates.

Jinny wondered if it might be possible to print directly onto template material using a printer. Lots of trial and error later, she discovered a material that she’s so happy with, she put her name on it – Jinny Beyer Template Film.

Here’s what we love about this material:

  • You can laser print or photocopy directly onto the film, printing dozens of templates in just a minute or two. (We don’t recommend using an ink jet printer – because there’s no heat involved, the ink stays wet and smudges easily.)
  • The film is matte on both sides so it doesn’t slip and it’s easy to write on. Marks can be removed with an eraser or rubbing alcohol.
  • It is heat-resistant so it’s great for appliqué templates, allowing you to press the fabric seam allowances over the template without warping.

You can print directly onto Jinny Beyer Template Film from a laser printer or copier machine.

Templates are key to many of Jinny’s designs: by fussy cutting identical pieces of border print fabric, you can achieve beautiful, kaleidoscopic effects as demonstrated in this video.

For more details on Jinny Beyer Template film, or to order, click here.

The film is easy to see through and mark on, and doesn’t slip on the fabric.