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Message from a Ukrainian Quilter Part II

The response to my blog about Ukrainian quilters has been amazing. Many of you have asked for me to keep you posted on any other information I receive. I’m also posting pictures of two more Ukrainian quilts. Here is some of the latest information from Lena.

March 5, 2022

I accept with great enthusiasm your offer to post information about us. Perhaps this will give some of my colleagues the strength to survive in this horror. Together we will stretch the thread between that wonderful life and this new tragic one. I’m already beginning to realize that such a bad life is also life and you need to look for meaning in it, no matter how difficult it is. And we must understand that everything will pass, and this too, that good times will come and all of us who are alive and well will return to our favorite activities.

In Kyiv, everything is relatively not bad so far compared to many other settlements in Ukraine, which have already been completely destroyed.

We still have heat, electricity, water, internet, food.

However, we are already beginning to get used to living in a new reality.


· Be able to find the safest place in the apartment and hide there during frequent air raids.

· Sit in complete darkness with windows curtained with black cloth (what a blessing that I had it in stock).

· Don’t forget to always turn off the gas,

· Never go outside, only when absolutely necessary, observing a curfew, which can last two days in a row.

· Start every morning with a roll call of all relatives and friends.

· To distinguish the sounds of artillery according to the principle “one’s own” or “alien.

· Save food and make stocks of crackers in case there is no gas, electricity, water.

With best regards



Exhibition of patchwork works. IV Congress of Patchwork Masters. Kyiv. September. 2011 By Королева Елена “Valhalla”. First place in the nomination “Professional”



This is by Lashko Natalia “Where does childhood go”. First place in the nomination “Creative idea”


March 7, 2022

I say hello to all quilters who are concerned about the war in Ukraine. I enjoyed reading your comments on the blog. It was great to see how many quilters were willing to share their supplies. Many thanks to these lovely women.

I’m fine so far. Today, for the first time in the war, I went outside. The first thing that caught my eye was the soldiers who were stacking sandbags near my house. So here they will have a checkpoint. This means that in the case of street fighting, we will have a hard time. We are the last block before that part of the city, which is called government.

My husband and I visited the store and pharmacy. At the store, I bought pasta, ketchup, nuts, vegetable oil, sugar and bread. There was a lot of bread but at the moment there are no vegetables.

I also visited the pharmacy. There are few working pharmacies left and there are long lines in them, because they work only a few hours a day. I stood in line for an hour and a half, but the medicine I needed was not there.

The alarm went off again tonight. Later we learned that our air defense shot down 2 Russian planes and a ballistic missile over Kyiv. Perhaps the planes flew to drop bombs on us.

In the photo – a view of the microdistrict where I live. The photo was taken last summer. From this place it is very close to the Center of Ukrainian Culture and Art, where we met on your last visit.

With love


Lena’s story is one of millions who are in similar situations. This photo she took of Kyiv is the Kyiv that will live in my mind.




17 thoughts on “Message from a Ukrainian Quilter Part II

  1. Continued prayers for Lena and family. My heart aches for your country and the families who have loss so much. The quilts are a ray of sunshine in the midst of so much darkness.

  2. Thanks for posting these amazing stories of strength. Please keep doing this.

    1. My prayers and best wishes to you and your people. My heart is so full of love and such deep sorrow for what you must endure.
      Keep the faith.
      My love to you and your people….

  3. We are all praying for you. I know you have lots of folks that are but I wanted to add my prayers also

  4. Dear Lena Please know that Ukraine and all its people have been in my heart constantly and my prayers even as I lay in the middle of the night awake praying for everyone . I have been begging God and our Blessed Mother to change the evil heart and protect you all . I love seeing the quilts you and quilters have made . The talent is so beautiful I will not stop praying until Ukraine is free of the tyranny

  5. Thank you, Jinny, for posting these messages from Lena. Lena, your amazing endurance and strength are a wonder to behold. I imagine if I were in your situation, I would be a complete blubbering basket case. I so hope this is over soon and those who are attacking your land retreat in defeat. Know that many around the world care and are praying for you.

  6. Women have always recorded the history of their lives with their quilts, hope the world gets to see the w ork your needles do on the other side of this tragedy. God bless. And keep you safe

  7. I am not from Ukraine and not from Russia I am from Uganda East Africa.
    My heart goes out to all the Ukrain people and I pray for their safety and their country.
    The beautiful Quilts show how beautiful and talented women are. They show their kindness i and also their sadness in those Quilts.
    My prayers are with you all. Amen.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Thank you, Jinny, for keeping us informed with Lena’s new emails. Dear Lena, I am so grateful to read your email. You are mindful of the importance of focusing, both mentally and physically, on what you need to care for yourself and your loved ones. I am so grateful to know that you have heat, food and shelter and internet. I hope you can get the medication you need soon. We are thinking of you and everyone in Ukraine and praying for you. We want this horrific attack to end so very much.

  9. Thank you Lena for sharing. I will continue praying for you & all your country & all your people. Your quilts are absolutely amazing! 🦋🌻

  10. Hi there
    I live in New Zealand
    I have a quilt machine and I’d like to make quilts for the children
    But have no ideas where I would send these
    Is there any place you would know please
    Kind regards

    1. What a thoughtful idea. We aren’t aware of any groups collecting quilts, but there is probably one out there…thank you for thinking of the Ukrainians.

  11. Prayers for Lena and her family and all of Ukraine. I hope she knows that so many Americans care.

  12. A Ukrainian church (sorry I don’t have the name) in Parma, Ohio will be accepting our guild’s quilts for the 2000 refugee women and children expected to northeast Ohio in the coming months. What we make will be a drop in the bucket. Continued prayers for all Ukraine.

  13. Prayers for Ukraine, and for Lena and her family. I hope that the Russians retreat very soon, and Ukraine can rebuild and heal. Much love to the Ukraine people, and hope the quilters can continue to share news with us.

  14. Dear Lena – Never fear the loss of fabrics So many Quilters here have more than enough cloth stashes that will last more than one lifetime, myself included. As God has provided to me, God will replenish. Your needs.
    I pray every day and night for your protection and for those of your Ukrainian families. When the war has ended the Quilters in this country will see to it that your fellow quilters will not run out. My Prayers go out for Ukrainian. God Bless
    Take only one day at a time and plan your next stitch as in Quilting, one stitch at a time.

  15. Dear Lena, it is heartbreaking to see what is happening to your beautiful country. To see your wonderful quilts gives hope that one day they will give warmth, security and joy to your family. Joining you in prayer for an end to these horrors and know that as I piece my quilts there is a prayer for you in every stitch. God bless you dear Lena.

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