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My Visit to India


Wow! I’ve just arrived back from another whirlwind tour of India with Sew Many Places. Jim West certainly knows how to put together an exciting and educational adventure.


Diwali, Festival of Lights in Jaipur. A bicycle rickshaw ride through the old town was a perfect way to see all the lights.


We rode on bicycle rickshaws through Old Delhi and Jaipur, motor scooters, buses, camel carts and elephants. The dates of the trip were planned around the Festival of Diwali (known as the festival of lights) and the Pushkar camel fair.


Jim and our guide Govind in front of the Taj Mahal. Look at the pattern in the walkway.


I began quilting while living in India years ago and every time I go back I am inspired anew by the color and design that surrounds this incredible country.


Couldn’t help but do some color shading with the group as we were standing in front of Amber Palace in Jaipur.


Words cannot describe what all we did and saw, so I thought this blog should be more photos than words.


Delhi, India. Each section in the Qutab Minar, built in 1193 seems to follow the proportions of the Golden Ratio.


Meanwhile, I have three more exciting trips next year…… Costa Rica, Tuscany and Bali. I would love to have you join me on another adventure.

4 thoughts on “My Visit to India

  1. Well, the camel seems very interested in the picture !! LOL How exotic and exciting the trip must have been . Have you ever heard of Kawandi quilts ? made by the Siddi people . They are Africans who went to live in India many yrs ago . They have an interesting way of making a quilt . They have a base fabric which they then begin to cover from the outside into the center by sewing and quilting the fabric scraps and batting right on the base fabric at the same time, and they start on the edges and go inward..Just wondering if you know of these ? Any way, the trips sounds wonderful , please give us more pictures . How awesome to be able to tell your grand babies about all of these adventures.. The lady that introduced me to Kawandi quilts said every time she goes to a temple in India her shoes are stolen LOL !! She has to go home barefoot.

    1. I have heard of the Kawandi quilts but I have not yet had the opportunity to see them in person!

  2. That looks like a fabulous trip. I recently went to Italy and saw patterns and color schemes everywhere.
    Thanks for sharing the photos. It fuels my desire to travel more!!

  3. I’m glad to see that the Qutub Minar actually does follow the Golden Ratio as you suspected. You were discussing this instrument at Spring Market and I meant to ask you to show us how you use it. I would recommend your trips to anyone… would love to go to Bali with you someday!!

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