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Nepal, the Himalayas and…Jicama?

I am traveling this week and wrote part of this blog before I left.  I e-mailed my staff this morning to tell them that Nepal is just as wonderful today as it was 48 years ago when I first came.

I arrived early for the tour with two friends, Sandi and Carole, and we took a side trip to Pokhara. Sandi Goldman is a wonderful photographer and I will be sharing some of her pictures with you throughout the trip. The Himalayas are spectacular and our hotel has a magnificent view.


View from Nepal Hotel


What could be better than sitting on top of the world, watching the sunrise…and keeping tabs on the Washington Nationals’ playoff game? Well, actually, it would have been better if the Nats had managed to win the game against the Dodgers.


Nepal sunrise
Watching the sunrise over the Annapurna range in Pokhara, Nepal, and keeping track of the baseball playoffs.


Napal and the Nats



If you are a follower of my blog you know that I often write about my garden. The only vegetables left for harvesting are peppers, a few cucumbers, some early fall lettuce, beets and my new favorite, jicama. I have eaten jicama in salads and love it, but never used it myself and didn’t even know what it looked like. But I saw some seeds in a catalog, ordered them and planted them. The package said they would mature in 150 days. I actually forgot about them. They are a root vegetable. When I finally dug one out a week or so ago I was shocked at the size. I never imagined they were so large. But what to do with it? Since I had had it in salads, I decided to make my own version of “Garden Salad”.


Photo by Gary Stevens
Photo by Gary Stevens


I cut one of the beets into slivers, added a sliced cucumber, a cut up red bell pepper, and sliced jicama. To my garden mix, I added a sliced Honey Crisp apple and some sliced hearts of palm. I mixed those all up and added two tablespoons of my favorite store-bought dressing, “Brianna’s Poppy Seed Dressing.” I tossed everything together and let it marinate for about an hour and at the last minute tossed in a little Romaine lettuce from the garden. It was so delicious. You should give it a try for a different salad.

Here is a link to a great article on jicama. Give jicama a try. You’ll love it.

Oops, I forgot the sweet potatoes. Maybe I should have found them sooner.



Jinny with Sweet Potato


Big Sweet Potato
Ever see a 14 inch sweet potato? Here it is.


4 thoughts on “Nepal, the Himalayas and…Jicama?

  1. Wow!

  2. Have the most amazing time ever, Jinny! You deserve it. Sorry I wasn’t able to come along and share this journey with you.

  3. I will be going to Houston for the first time this year. Hoping to catch you. I’m arriving on the 31st. Will you still be there? I have pictures of my latest quilt with over 150 of your fabrics in it. Remember when you challenged us to make 1000 piece quilts and I chose the clamshell? Well this one has only 162 complete clamshells plus borders. And it’s finished!

    1. I am sorry that I will be leaving on the 30th and will miss you as I must return home to get ready for our Quilters’ Quest. But I would love to see what you have done, could you send a picture via or share on Facebook?

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