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Quarantine Quilts Part I

We staff, on occasion, take over Jinny’s blog usually when we have a snow day. Many of us have read about global pandemics in works of fiction but could never have imagined we would have to live through it. So now, spending more time at home, we are doing what quilters around the world are doing—working on our quilts.

As you will see in the quilts we share today, we tend to work on a few projects at once.  Don’t you?





You may recognize this table runner. It is from the same designer as the Showering Stars quilt we had for a Weekly Web Special. Diane is making a table runner and a second. She has shortened one by leaving off the two end pieces and making placemats with it. How clever!



Above is the border for a quilt made for a class Diane was supposed to teach.  The flowers and circles are amazing.  She is still trying to decide what she wants the quilt on the inside to be but I can’t stop looking at that border.



This final is one is just a UFO begun many years ago and loaded with Jinny’s fabrics. This strip quilt has great dimensional qualities just from the careful placement of lights and darks.




Carole also has several projects going, all amazing. First, she finished her quilt for the Sacred Threads “Backyard Escape” Challenge. Using mostly Jinny’s fabrics and paints, it depicts a painted birdhouse given to her by her grandson, Rhys, a few years ago. She hung it on a branch of the dogwood tree next to her deck and a bird built her nest inside, raising her little family.



Two other projects are still in the works. First, ten members of Fiber Artists@Loose Ends are each making a piece for the beginning of a series that may be called “World Wide Threads,” this one depicting East Asia. They have to measure 16” in width, but length can vary up to 45”. For her background, Carole is using part of a Japanese room divider. She painted it then added beads (about 475 of them!) and embroidery. She also added some sashiko stitching, appliquéd and painted a crane, then appliquéd pine branches and bamboo using all Jinny Beyer fabrics. Whew!

And finally, Carole is working on one section of a triptych (not knowing what the others look like) depicting a town on Islay, in Scotland. It is one page of a calendar and the Quilters of Islay are doing a challenge to recreate the twelve photographs in fabric. The quilts will become part of a travel exhibit. The photograph is shown with her work in progress. She painted the sky and the two brown textured fabrics chosen for the landscape are Jinny’s…perfect! Other Jinny Beyer fabrics are in waiting for the rocks, snowy road, wall, houses, etc.

Diane and Carole are just two members of our staff.  We have lots more to show you so keep checking back in the days to come. But before we go, the staff doesn’t have as much time at home as you would think. Why? While our retail store is closed, upstairs in mail order, it has been quite busy. Our manager, Rebecca, sent this photo of what she and others have been up to which is filling your orders and getting those needed supplies out to you.

10 thoughts on “Quarantine Quilts Part I

  1. Thank you for being there to fill out orders and inspire is with things to make. Jimmy Beyer Studio rocks

  2. Love that you are sharing your work – just beautiful! Jinny has a very talented crew:). Thanks for these inspiring photos.

  3. Your quilts are as beautiful as ever. How many face masks have you made and donated to your local convalescent homes? Or to hospitals. I’ve myself distributed about 70 and promised more to our local hospital by the end of the week. Please consider redirecting your sewing efforts.
    Thank you.

    1. Good for you for spending your time and using your materials to contribute facemasks for those in need. Please, though, do not assume that just because we haven’t published it as yet that are staff are not making masks. In fact, they are and a Facebook post is planned for this week to include some of their efforts. Most of our staff belong to local guides and their work has been highlighted there. Please do not judge others.

  4. Lovely, just lovely. Diane’s border is just beautiful. What a great job, Diane.

  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing. That was just the pick me up I needed this morning.

  6. I love Carole’s strip quilt! I would buy that in a heartbeat if it were a kit! So beautiful!! Thank you for continuing to inspire us with these pictures! 💜

    1. There is a pattern in the works, stay tuned!

  7. Is there a pattern for the UFO strip quilt. Would love to make one.

    1. There is a pattern in the works, stay tuned!

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