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Quarantine Quilts Part III

I hope you can forgive me if I brag a bit about the talent of the quilters who work here.  In the past two blogs we have shared some amazing quilts from a few of our staffers and now we have more on the way.


Not every quilt shop can talk about the beautiful quilts from their accountant but we can.  Here are just a couple of projects our accountant, Julia, is working on.



First is this small quilt top (33″ square) which is the “Liberty Squares” pattern by Toby Lischko.  It was started in a workshop with Toby around 7-8 years ago. Only a couple of the 4″ blocks were completed at the time.  It was started with fabric from Jinny’s Northern Lights collection.  In February and early March, Julia finally completed the rest of the squares.  This past week she added two Bedfordshire fabrics for the borders.  For the binding, she is using the same green as the inner border.  She’s at a loss right now as to how to quilt it but it will probably be by machine to get it done.



The second quilt many of you may recognize as it is from the recent Quarantine Quilt-along by Gudrun Erla on Facebook.  Julia’s stack of Andalucia fat quarters was close at hand so that was what she used.  It was a very quick quilt top to assemble, finishing at 49″ x 63″ and now, she says, it joins the growing pile of tops to quilt.  




There are several projects Kelley is working on at the moment.  First, she’s piecing the final border (Delectable Mountains) of this medallion quilt from “The Quilt Show.” It is called “Halo Medallion” designed by Sue Garman. Kelley says it’s been labor intensive and she is excited about finishing it. She used mostly Jinny’s fabric with the exception of the focus fabric and the background.



Apparently, Kelley is not one to shy away from tough projects.  Several of the staffers have challenged each other to make Jinny’s Moon Glow quilt and Kelley just finished sewing the blocks together and is ready to quilt it.  That is quite an accomplishment.



An easier project is  this “Easy Threesy” table runner from a Karen K. Buckley workshop. It has all Jinny Beyer fabric except for the woven black background. Kelley is just about to quilt this one, too.

Finally, Kelley has also been working on a new project, the Quilter’s Trek block for the Studio. We can’t show it to you now.  We will reveal it in a couple of months but we are all happy with how it is turning out.




Speaking of Moon Glow, Judy is using this time to get back to hers. This group project was started last February; some have finished or made more progress than others. Judy is making hers larger so she’s not finished but here is her progress to date.



Judy, like Julia, followed the quilt-along with Gudrun Erla and here is her version of “Elvira.”  She started with a few fat quarters and then had to hunt up more to complete it.  What a difference between the two quilts.

Those were lots of beautiful quilts but we will have even more for you next time.

10 thoughts on “Quarantine Quilts Part III

  1. Thanks for the quilt reveals. Loved it.

  2. I have been enjoying looking at all of the beautiful projects. Thanks for posting.

  3. I’m not usually the jealous type. But, I am sooo jealous. Beautiful, every one of them. Such a talented group of quilters.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing. Fun to see the same quilt worked up different ways. Also great incentive for me to get out my Moonglow kit. Thanks again. Stay safe.

  5. Thank you for sharing they beautiful quilts.

  6. There has NEVER been any question in my mind as to how talented all the staff at Jinny Beyer is. I had the good fortune of taking 8 quilt quest bus trips from the shop. I have been in a lot of shops and haven’t meet a more talented, generous and caring staff in a quilt shop. Thank you for sharing all that you all are doing. It is difficult not being able to physically get together, and hearing from other quilters helps.

  7. Kelly, your Halo quilt is beautiful and worth all your labor.

  8. I have had the Moonglow kit since it was offered by Keepsake Quilting 21 years ago. I take it out, stitch some and put away. I am determined to finish this time. You all inspire me to keep at it!

  9. I trying to get started on two quilts for my daughtwr and niece how do i come up with a pattern

    1. We have lots of free pattern downloads that you can find here. After finding some that you like, open up the product page to find the download and you can click on additional information and it will tell you if the pattern is beginner, intermediate or advanced. Definitely start with the beginner…and whatever catches your eye. Happy quilting!!!

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