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Quilts for Victims of Harvey

Last week we were all drawn together in unity as we stared in awe at the magic of the universe. The eclipse captured the heart and souls of our country.


Eclipse Two for Blog

Not even a week later our hearts are going out to those affected by the horrible destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. This storm will impact the lives of thousands of people in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi for months to come. It is estimated that in Texas alone, more than 100,000 homes have been flooded. Many people will have lost everything but the clothes on their backs.

We ask ourselves, “What can I do to help?” People living close to the disaster are taking clothes, food and supplies to shelters and distribution centers. Others are directly involved in the rescue operations. The vast majority of us are not able to do that. But there are other ways we can offer our support.

The immediate need is money to help in purchasing food and supplies.

There are several relief organizations recommended on CNN.

And, of course, the American Red Cross is always prepared to help in such situations.

If every one of you reading this donated at least $10, think of the impact it would make. One thousand donations would generate $10,000 in seriously needed aid.

Those of you who have been to Quilt Market or Quilt Festival are very familiar with the George Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston that is now sheltering thousands of storm victims. Many people who work for Quilts, Inc. are victims themselves.

While the urgent need right now is money, as the waters recede and people return to what is left of their homes there will be a need for so much more.  As quilters we know the warmth and comfort that comes from being wrapped in a quilt and we can all help providing that comfort to the victims of the storm.


stack of quilts


At JINNY BEYER STUDIO we want to collect as many quilts as possible to send to those in need. As we did with Katrina, we will send those quilts to the various organizations in the affected areas that will handle their distribution.

Do you have quilt blocks or tops that have been sitting around and are in need of finishing into a quilt? Maybe you already have some finished quilts that you made to donate to a worthy cause. Please bring those quilts to us and we will see that they go to a family in need.

We are currently planning two “Quilt-In” days at the shop, on September 12th and 19th from 10-4. Bring your own “Harvey Quilts” to work on, or help us make some new quilts. While supplies last, Quilters Dream Cotton has donated a large roll of batting to use in Harvey Quilts and we at the Studio have set aside some fabrics that you can use for backing. These will be distributed on “Quilt-In” days.

If you cannot come to a Quilt-In, stop by the shop at any time to drop your quilts off and please:

  • Donate a minimum of $10 to the Red Cross or other charity of your choice.
  • Bring finished quilts to us for distribution. If you know of an organization that will be distributing household goods to those in need, please send contact information to us.
  • If you are a long-arm quilter and are interested in donating your time to quilt some of the tops, please contact us.

Watch for details on our Facebook page.

I know we quilters can accomplish a lot when we work together. Thanks, in advance, for helping out.


9 thoughts on “Quilts for Victims of Harvey

  1. Yes, I think we are all thinking how we can help out. I did send some travel pillowcases to an organization called The National Disaster Search Rescue Foundation, Santa Paula, CA. They have sent many search teams to Houston, Texas. I also sent a large quilt to them — for auction or use as long as it goes to a human and canine team.
    The devastation is enormous. I have never been to Quilt Market. I attend PIQF. I love that batiks in the American theme fabric you offer. It is beautiful.
    Thank you for the suggestions. The more ideas that are presented, the more needs can be met. I too am appreciative of The American Red Cross.

  2. Thank you so much for this – I have linked it to my Warm Quilts blog.


    1. You can send them to our Great Falls address as listed on this page.

  4. Have two small quilts completed and some blocks that hopefully can be put together and finished into a happy quilt. Will need to mail them to you this week. Thank you for helping .

    Ps: I have enjoyed many of your wonderful seminars.


  5. I live in North Dakota and belong to a group of women quilters who get together September thru March/April. We have our first meeting this week. Would like to discuss making quilts for Texas at this meeting. If we do, I don’t know where to send them. Can you help me out with a shipping addrese? Or can we ship to you? Thanks.

    1. Be sure to check our Facebook page as we will keep it updated with details. You can certainly send them to our shop address and we will be sure to get them to the right place.

  6. Was reading your weekly newsletter and was printing out the instructions for making a 8″ mouse pad, and somehow I lost the color sections of the piecing! Bummer, can you please post them again? I would really like to make one.

    1. Are you sure it was on our website or e-mail as we have never done an 8″ mouse pad…great idea though!

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