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Staff Profile- Barbara

Barb profile pic croppedEvery now and then I like to do a profile of one of the members of my amazing staff.  These are the ladies who keep the shop running on a daily basis and who supply an endless source of inspiration.  This time let me introduce you to Barbara Hollinger.

Barb’s mom taught her to sew as a child.  Her first quilt experience was as a young single woman when a friend suggested they give quilting a try.  While she loved the precision of the piecing, she hated the actual quilting part.  That changed later on as she developed a love of hand quilting and also discovered the joys of free-motion machine quilting.  Now an accomplished machine quilter, Barb was a regular contributor to the magazine Machine Quilting Unlimited and teaches our machine quilting classes at the Studio.


Barb joined my staff over a decade ago. Her first career was as an engineer and you can see in her work the influence of her technical background.

Painted Prayers - made for the 2008 Jinny Beyer Hilton Head Seminar on Kaleidoscopes
Painted Prayers – made for the 2008 Jinny Beyer Hilton Head Seminar on Kaleidoscopes

Having done just about everything at the Studio, Barb recently left her job as Studio manager and currently serves as our “Quilt Project Engineer” proving to be of great help in my design work.

Seymoure full view
Seymour – made for the 2005 Jinny Beyer Hilton Head Seminar on Radiant Stars

Having joined a group of contemporary quilters, Barb became involved in the project, “Healing Quilts in Medicine” which brings beauty and education to hospitals through quilts.

P & P copy
Pick your Poison II & Pacific Yew – Both quilts are based on animals and plants which are used to create modern medicines.



Barb is currently devoting much of her time as curator for the upcoming Sacred Threads exhibit.  Held every two years, this exhibition is a forum for quilters who see their work as a source of healing and inspiration to others.

9 thoughts on “Staff Profile- Barbara

  1. Impressive, indeed stupendous works, Barbara!

  2. Dear Barbara,
    I just gasped when I saw “Seymour”. Is there a pattern for this quilt? The use of color is striking. I would so love the pattern. I can see a Radiant star in this—-plus more!
    Thanks for sharing. Paulette

    1. Unfortunately there is not a pattern available for this quilt, it is Lone Star based and it features a stripe printed by Jane Sassaman.

  3. Stunning! Colors absolutely glow! Is the wavy border pieced or fussy cut from a print?

  4. amazing

  5. Thank you for posting this. It is inspirational hearing about what other people do. Beautiful quilts, to look at and admire.

  6. Merry Christmas Jinny and all of your staff have a wonderful holiday!!

  7. Those quilts are absolutely beautiful…the ones that I am working on aren’t that pretty but they mean something to me…they are family tree quilts and the names on them go back to my children’s great-great grandparents.

  8. these are absolutely gorgeous!

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