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Staff Profile- Linda

lindas photo updatedWhile the Studio bears my name, it is pretty obvious that it takes a number of people to keep it running. I am blessed with a wonderful staff that carries on the day to day operations. They allow me to focus on designing and teaching, yet I seem to get a lot of the credit for what happens behind the scenes. I want to take the opportunity to focus on my amazing staff by occasionally doing profiles to give them the recognition they so deserve.  For the first profile, I couldn’t think of anyone better to start with than Linda Marcinowski.

Linda has been on staff at the Studio longer than anyone else, having started in the summer of 2002. Many of you have been greeted by her friendly smile and welcome along with her remarkable memory for customers’ names and their stories. While Linda learned to sew clothing from her grandmother when she was only seven years old, it wasn’t until years later, in 1998, that she took up quilting. As an Army wife, she was invited to a welcome coffee and joined a quilt group headed by the general’s wife. Linda taught herself to quilt to keep up with the others in the group. Jinny’s techniques were her favorites and she had learned much from Jinny’s books. Once her children were grown, Linda needed something to do, and started working at the Studio.

Linda with Sunset Walk and Four Seasons
Linda with Sunset Walk and Four Seasons, both Studio designs

Linda, having started when the brick and mortar shop was fairly new and the business was smaller, has done just about everything. She worked on the newsletter, made shop samples, set up booths for quilt shows, been a member of the seminar staff, and even became certified in thimble fitter in 2005.

Wonderful One Fabric Quilt and Coventry, both Jinny Beyer Designs
Linda with her Wonderful One Fabric Quilt and Coventry in both colorways!

What she enjoys most, though, is meeting the customers, seeing what they are working on, and helping them with their projects. She says, “It makes my day. I love the amazing, different people I meet and the stories they tell.” One of her favorite things to do is play with Jinny’s border prints, figuring out more and more things to create with them.

Linda at cutting tableHaving been a military wife for many years and the travel it entails and now with her two daughters married, you may think that Linda and her husband lead a quiet life. Two years ago, her adorable little grandson, Andy, came into their lives and now there is a granddaughter due within the next couple of weeks. “Oma” Linda doesn’t have the quilting time she once did.

Linda & Andy
Linda & Andy

Stop by to meet Linda and the rest of my fabulous staff this summer. We have new fabrics arriving, exciting classes, and we’ll be participating in the Row by Row Experience shop hop.

13 thoughts on “Staff Profile- Linda

  1. I took a class from her at the studio and completely loved it!

  2. Hi Linda,
    My sister and I visited with you on June 20th as part of our Washington DC trip with her granddaughters. We enjoyed so much our visit to the studio, and your helpful comments. What a pleasure to visit and talk with you. We wished we were closer. Thank you for your smile and help with our purchases. Cheryl is working with her kalioscope mirrors and patterns. Have a good day.
    Mary Ellen

  3. Linda’s knowledge of quilting bubbles over inspiring you with the material at the Studio to see this as a true expression of art!

  4. Hello, I´m from Germany and always when I visited my brother in Germantown I came to your studio. Linda was always friendly and very obliging, she helped me and advised me. We spoke about her time in Germany and the conversation was always very intersting even though my english is not good. I send my best wishes and regards to Linda and her family and your team.

  5. I absolutely love Linda! She was my first contact at the studio and I am proud to call her friend. I live in New Berlin, WI but my son lives in Herndon so I am able to visit the studio at least once a year. Linda and I have been ships passing in the night lately but we are Facebook friends so we stay in touch. THANK YOU to Jinny for recognizing a sweet and very talented lady. Love you, Linda!

  6. Linda was always the smiling face at the seminars. So glad to see and read more about her. We keep in touch on Facebook , but I would like to visit the shop someday and talk face to face again. Well deserved, Linda. Thanks Jinny.

  7. Awesome & talented lady!

  8. Having a son living in the DC area afforded me the opportunity to come to the Jinny Beyer Studio. I met Linda on my first visit, we became friends immediately. With Linda’s encouragement I have learned so much about quilting whether by hand or machine and have enjoyed every kit and thimble purchased. The classes offered at the studio are wonderful, Jinny has a very knowledgeable and creative staff, always willing to help when needed. Linda and I have shared memories of our children marrying and now the joys of having grandchildren. Many blessings to you my quilting friend! Thank you Jinny for pursuing your love for quilting, opening your beautiful studio and sharing your friends at the shop with me.

  9. Jinny, I’ve known Linda for years and know what a fine ambassador she is for any group or firm. I had the pleasure of working with her when her husband was assigned to the US Army Recruiting Command. I welcomed Linda and other commanders’ spouses to the command during a one week course. Her enthusiasm and positive outlook stood out in the group resulting in a unanimous staff decision to bring her back to subsequent classes as a spouse mentor. I’m sure she carried that attitude and competency to your studio and will continue to do so for years to come. Thanks for recognizing a super star!

  10. As a fellow military wife and mother I have met your wonderful Linda and am so honored. She has great lessons to share and loves doing it. I hope to visit this summer and see her again!

  11. How wonderful to see sweet Linda being honored by Jinny! Both are amazing women – and I count myself blessed to have had them both in my life!! Linda is the ultimate helpful staff member! Love you both!

  12. Hi,

    When visiting a friend who lived in Rockville in 2010 we visited the Studio as a special treat for me. And it was definitely a treat. Linda was there to help and I remember as such a friendly person. I left the Studio not only with a few yards of border print fabric, but also with the memory of meeting such a lovely lady.
    All the best, Elizabeth from Cape Town.

  13. Thank you for all the kind words. The pleasure is all mine and I enjoy each and every moment we spend together…playing with fabric and sharing smiles. Happy quilting!!

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