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Summer Fun


Summer Fun1
These little fans are so handy!


Here are just a few words as I run off to visit my grandchildren.

With July now in full swing, summer has truly begun. I can’t help but feel that lazy, laid back feeling just a bit by enjoying some simple summer fun.

I recently returned from California where I visited the offices of RJR Fabrics, the company which has manufactured my fabrics for many years. I took the opportunity to combine business with pleasure.


Summer Fun2


It is no secret I am a big Washington Nationals baseball fan. Demi, head of marketing for RJR, took me to the Dodgers/Nats game.


Summer Fun3
Selfie with Demi!!!


Summer fun also involves the simple pleasures of watching all the wildlife out the window. I recently wrote about a groundhog I found up one of our trees. Happiness is sewing at my kitchen table and watching the goldfinches at the bird feeder…


Summer Fun4


…and chuckling while watching the squirrels try to get the goldfinches’ food.



With summer well upon us (at least here in the northern hemisphere), I hope you too take the opportunity for a little summer fun.

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  1. Those little long-tailed rats are persistent when going after birdfeed! Summer is festival season in southeast Wisconsin. Summerfest, the ten day, “world’s largest music” festival is going on now (Sir Paul McCartney headlines one of the stages tonight). Ethnic festivals Italian, German, Greek, Polish and so very many more – most other weekends during the summer. Never a lack of things to do in the short, but gorgeous, Wisconsin summers!

    Me? For some reason, maybe the light?, I get most of my quilting done in the summer months.

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