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Take Me Out to The Ball Game!

Jinny with zucchini
With a large zucchini from my garden….getting ready to go to the baseball game!

Fires, earthquake, train delays and a 4 nothing sweep of the Giants over the Nationals.

So, my husband, one of my sons and I embarked on a cross country flight to San Francisco to visit our other son and his wife for a long weekend. Why choose this weekend? Because our Nationals baseball team would be playing the San Francisco Giants and we had never been in the Giants AT&T Park……and we are great Nats fans.

BBB2The first morning when I woke up I smelled smoke. Sure that there was a fire nearby, I woke up everyone in the house. Actually the winds had shifted and we were smelling the smoke and seeing the haze from a fire burning north of Napa.

Even though the Nats had lost the first two games in the series to the Giants, I donned my Nats gear (including the Jason Werth garden gnome hat made by my friend Barb) and we all went off to Saturdays game. I was a littled disgruntled that my son and his wife were going to root for the Giants!

My two sons and my daughter-in-law….some of whom were rooting for the opposite team!

Well as optimistic as I was ,we lost 12-6. But it was fun being with family and in a new baseball park and I must say that the Giants fans were awesome…..welcoming us and hoping we had a good time, etc.

My husband and I enjoying the game.
My husband and I enjoying the game.

We watched the game on TV on Sunday and I got a lot of stitching done on our Shop Hop, Quilters Quest quilt.

BBB4Then on Monday morning, just as we were getting ready to leave for the airport, there was a 4.0 earthquake with the epicenter near by. It was enough to delay the Bart train to the airport and we barely made our flight.

I sat next to a very interesting woman on the way home and we became fast friends as we shared small business advice, sewing and much more. I’ll save that for a future blog.

6 thoughts on “Take Me Out to The Ball Game!

  1. Hello, I was just going thru my Jenny Beyer patterns and noticed that part of my ‘Maple Cabin’ blocks are missing. Are they still available? Thank you

    1. I’m afraid we are not familiar with this pattern. Linda Hahn has a pattern by this name. You may want to check there.

  2. Love seeing you “at bat” with your zucchini! Great to see your family too!

  3. Oh Ginny, So sorry ’bout them Nats. As a Baltimore Oriole fan I feel your pain. Some day we’ll meet in the World Series!! : )
    Carol, Union Bridge, MD

  4. So good to hear you are a sports lover! We too love our Razorbacks! Today We
    Were At a Granddtr’s softball games. That was priority over the Razorbacks on
    TV. (Son, of course, taped it.) Our Granddtr’s team Won 3, lost 4. I love your quilts and quilt books. It is my dream to buy a kit one day & attempt one. I now appreciate color in a new way. Your designs do that to your admirers. Thank you for your contribution to the Quilting World!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!

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