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The Inspirations of Costa Rica

CR1What a treat it was to leave our three feet of snow and head off to beautiful, sunny Costa Rica. I’ve been back less than a week and am already suffering withdrawal.

CR2I traveled to Costa Rica to be one of the teachers in the first ever “Cocoon” run by Jim West and his company, Sew Many Places. The cocoon concept is to have four teachers, each doing one day workshops. The participants are broken into groups and take all four workshops, learning a new concept from each of the teachers.

It was great being able to reconnect with teachers I have known for more than thirty years, but haven’t seen recently. Pepper Cory, Kaye England and Judith Montano were all fantastic presenters and the students had nothing but praise for them.

Inspiration was all around!
Inspiration was all around!

I taught my diamonds class, Pepper did Sashiko, Kaye taught hand applique and Judith did silk ribbon embroidery. Lots of handwork which I love!

At the coffee plantation...the largest hydrangea I've ever seen!
At the coffee plantation…the largest hydrangea I’ve ever seen!

In addition to classes and lectures, we visited the Doka coffee plantation and the village of Sarchi which is famous for their beautifully decorated ox carts. There is lots in the country to love and to be inspired by. I just need time to implement some of those ideas! Stay tuned to see where they turn up in quilts and fabrics.

Creating a beautiful Ox Cart wheel



9 thoughts on “The Inspirations of Costa Rica

  1. Toda su obra me parece maravillosa

  2. It was a great time in Costa Rica. I loved my hand-piecing diamonds class and am eager to get back to work. Thank you for all you shared with us, Jinny.

  3. What a treat to read this post! All of the teachers are names familiar to me, and I can imagine that it was a wonderful opportunity to exchange ideas with them. I loved the photos you enclosed. What colors!

  4. Wow Jinny you certainly know how to have fun and soaked up all that glorious sunshine. Whilst spreading the wealth of yours and others knowledge in the group class! I just love your work and are interested in learning more about it! I have on my book shelf one of your many books “Quilt making by hand”. One day once I’ve learnt sufficient knowledge I will tackle making a quilt completely by hand following your book. With that in mind I’ve already started collecting some of your wonderful superior quality fabrics with the hope of fulfilling my dreams soon. In the meantime, I too love your latest adventure with Aurifil threads. I used it mostly all the time and have a variety of colours. I have not tried the thicker thread 28wt as I have not had a quilt to use it on. But who knows what the future will bring. Regards Julie Beard Adelaide Australia.

  5. Love your designs

  6. I know you will think of something beautiful.

  7. Love, Love, Love your work! Looks like you had a great trip.

  8. Wonderful to get inspiration somewhere warm

  9. Thanks for the posting. You said it better than I could! Nancy B

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