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The Treasure Box

I visited my grandchildren a couple of months ago and Polly carefully showed me her Treasure Box containing all kinds of items that were going to go into the trash that she rescued for projects. There were empty tissue and paper towel rolls, an interesting button, empty spools, odd pieces of yarn, etc. She and her brother, Emmett, have amazingly creative minds and put together all kinds of creatures and art.

Dolls made from felted balls that I brought back from India.
Dolls made from felted balls that I brought back from India.

So in anticipation of Polly and Emmett’s visit this Thanksgiving, I started collecting items for a Treasure Box here. The box contained plastic tubes and pen holders, threads that accumulated at the shop from tearing fabric for fat quarters and kits, scissors, scotch tape, duct tape, lots of fabric scraps, felted wool balls, and so much more.

When they arrived and I told them about the box, they could hardly contain themselves and wanted to delve in right away. Of course, it had to be emptied where the activity was going on…….the kitchen table. So for a week we ate in the dining room and the kids had their on-going projects to work on in the hubbub of activity.


Recycled pen displays make great fairy houses.
Recycled pen displays make great fairy houses.

The first thing they went to was the fabric and they said they wanted to make Halloween costumes for next year. Emmett wants to be Darth Vader and Polly wants to be a peacock. I told them we would need larger pieces of fabric than what was in the box so we went to the shop. Emmett immediately found solid black fabric and Polly found a batik that she thought would make a perfect peacock skirt.

I decided it was time to introduce them to the sewing machine so that went on the kitchen table as well. They both caught on very quickly.

Creating 2
A natural born sewer
Love those batiks!
Love those batiks!

While I was showing Polly how to work the machine, unbeknownst to me, Emmett had cut a hole in the middle of the black fabric for his head, two holes for arms and found a decorative belt to go over his shoulder. He made a hat from a black file folder and my black microwave vegetable steamer and his dad helped him tape batting inside so it wouldn’t slide around his head.

Creating 3
Darth Vader

Among other sewing, Polly and I made holiday napkins for her mom and dad for Christmas along with her peacock skirt. Emmett made a quilt with squares, a hat and clothes for stuffed animals and dolls. What a wonderful feeling to share my love fabric and sewing with them!

Creating 4
Prepping the fabric for an upcoming weekly web special.

Of course, in the middle of all the activity, our washing machine died Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. We were able to get a new one Friday and the kids immediately latched on to the box it came in and spent the next several hours creating their “Time Machine”.

Five rolls of scotch tape and three rolls of duct tape later……

Where in time shall we go???
Where in time shall we go???

In the midst of all the projects, we also had cooking activities and fed and took care of the animals I borrow from a friend whenever the children come for a visit.

Cooking with Polly

Take care of animals


Needless to say I’m a bit worn out. But happily so!

10 thoughts on “The Treasure Box

  1. What a magical time! I’m taking notes for when I’m lucky enough to have grandchildren!

  2. I enjoyed reading about all of the activities with your grandchildren.
    What fun you all had and memories you’ve made!

  3. OH my goodness what fun you all had. Our grand daughters grabbed 2 boxes had grandpa cut out arm holes and head hole and they saw the movie Boxtrolls so they were Boxtrolls and had me run around trying to catch them.
    I am trying to teach them to make doll quilts , they need more time developing sewing skills so I will wait till their little hands are more able.For now the 5 yr old glues fabric together and the 8 yr old has little patience.
    They are girls and for now want mermaid tails, out of fleece or stretchy materials..

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to spend time crafting with grands! My grands love coming to the farm and seeing the animals too. I think it gives my boys that have moved to the city a moment to feel grounded again also. Nothing like a meal mom makes to soothe the soul. Happy holidays

  5. Jinny, I can’t believe how much Polly and Emmett have grown! What fun they must have when they come to your house – and fabulous memories!

  6. Grandkids help keep us young, at least in our hearts.
    Beautiful blog!
    Linda Peck

  7. Loved your Treasure Box idea. Such a simple thing to collect little bits of future joy. I have a granddaughter. She’s only two, but I dream of the time when I can help her grow to love sewing as much as I do. Thanks for sharing this wonderful Thanksgiving experience with your grandchildren.

  8. You are a great Granny / Grandma . They are very lucky grand children.

  9. Jinny thanks for sharing such special moments with your grandchildren! You are making the most of the time you have with them, creating these memories is so precious, even when they live so far away.

    You are a very special lady to your family and friends.

  10. Yes, I sound proud, eleven grands plus a few spouses a n d —5 great grand boys and finally that girl we were waiting for! Love them! How rich we are to be a grandparent.

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