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And the Hustle & Bustle Continues!

We continue to make kits non-stop here for our 2017 Mystery Quilt BOM, Moroccan Mystery. We’ve made so many that we have run out of the border. See video clip here that explains where we are with the BOM kits.



One day we sent out so many packages that our packages alone filled the entire postal truck.


The staff at the Studio have been busy getting your BOM quilt kits out the door.
The staff at the Studio have been busy getting your BOM quilt kits out the door.


In the middle of all this, we had a planning meeting for Quilters’ Quest at Traditions at the White Swan in Hagerstown, Maryland.  Dick and Wendy, the owners, have a great shop and a new addition…three adorable miniature donkeys. How many quilt shops can boast that?


Miniature Donkeys


We are planning lots of new and exciting things for the Quilters’ Quest shop hop this year. We have decided to have a theme-based event and have selected “movies”. Each shop will choose a movie and will have fun things in the shop relating to the theme.

This week I also finalized my next batik collection, worked on the new replacement fabrics for the Palette collection and received strike-offs for a new collection that will be shown at spring market, Miyako. I also began doing colorings for another collection that is in the pipeline.

On top of all this, we changed our business email account from one company to another. This led to a lot of angst, but all is well now.

Not that I didn’t already have a lot to fill my head, there is always the antics of our dog, Luke. My husband made split pea soup for dinner the other night. I came home around 5:30, walked through the house, took one look at Luke and knew something was wrong…ears were down, eyes were practically shut and he was just sitting there looking miserable.


Sad Luke


I asked if Luke had gotten into anything, and my husband said he ate some split peas. The two packages of dried split peas had been soaking for a while and John was getting ready to pour them into the broth when the pan slipped and half the contents went on the floor. As always, Luke was in the kitchen hoping something would fall to the floor.  Sure enough, he was right there and cleaned up the entire mess. John didn’t realize that those peas would expand in his stomach.

Those of you who own dogs will probably know that when you need to make a dog throw up something he or she shouldn’t have eaten, hydrogen peroxide can be a life safer…literally. But did you know that hydrogen peroxide has an expiration date? I certainly didn’t.

We still had a bottle that we kept on hand when we had our Greater Swiss Mountain dog, Gretchen who ate everything. But a turkey baster of the peroxide down Luke’s throat didn’t do the trick, so we realized it might have gone bad and ran to the pharmacy to get more and tried again. Two minutes later, it worked and I had a big mess to clean up. I asked the vet about the peroxide and she said it has a certain shelf life and once the bottle is open it does not last long at all. Our bottle expired in 2010…oops.

This little tidbit of information might help someone else who has an animal that likes to eat things that they shouldn’t. Hopefully, the week ahead will be a little bit less exciting.


Coming soon to a mailbox near you!
Coming soon to a mailbox near you!


19 thoughts on “And the Hustle & Bustle Continues!

  1. I am glad your dog is better! Look at that truck full of kits-I am so excited about this mystery quilt, I guess I am not alone!

  2. I guess if you ever tire of quilting, you can take up writing; HILARIOUS stuff!

  3. My kit arrived and I am so excited. The colors are even prettier in person. Of course, I fell asleep dreaming about what one could create with the templates. I did not know that hydrogen peroxide had a use by date. I shudder to think how old the bottle is in our cupboard. The donkeys, oh gosh are they cute. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. My fabric arrived today!!! I’m so excited to get started!!!!

  5. I plan to do the mystery, but as a have more than a few pieces of Jinny Beyer palette fabrics and some border prints, I had thought I’d just use what I have on hand for now … Will there be a supply list posted so I’ll know how much fabric I need to complete? I’ll plan to purchase the templates needed and more fabric if I need it to complete, but would prefer not to get a kit … Please let me know if this is possibly/okay …
    Martha Dakin

    1. Yes, this will work just fine. The first clue will include the supply list so you can see if there is anything that you need. Have fun, we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  6. How much are the kits? Colors?

    1. The kit is $69.95 and is available in teal, purple, red, or brown.

  7. I just pulled this up on facebook and it reminded me that I have not had a post from you lately. Did my name get taken off the list for the monthly newsletter?

  8. You have been my quilting hero forever. Is the 69.95 price for the block of the month, a monthly rate? If so how many months?

    also My biggest disappointment in my quilting life is that I never got selected to go to the retreat with you. Then you stopped them….

    1. The $69.95 is the cost of the kit and is a one time fee. The kit includes all the fabric you will need to make the top for this BOM. Check out our class page, maybe you can come to Great Falls, VA and take a class!

  9. Seriously… your Burano table runner kit is $1,000.00?

    1. No, this item was on the website in error- sorry!

  10. Well, I so am glad Luke is feeling better. Scary situation!! I learned some facts I didn’t know. Who would ever think that hydrogen peroxide expires? Don’t ask how many bottles I need to throw away!! Using a turkey baster was a new one for me, too. I love learning something new everyday. You just gave me my two new things for today. Can’t count all the tips on quilting you have given to me, at no cost, over the years!! Thank You and a BIG HUG for Luke!!

  11. Thank you for sending me the newsletter I was so worried that I would have to wait till next month to start the BOM. Again, thank you.

  12. I would love to participate in your 2017 block of the month. Is that still possible? Thank you

    1. Yes, you can sign up for the newsletter on our website to follow along each month.

  13. never had experience of making a dog throw up. How do you make him cooperate while you put a baster down his throat? Answer not urgent as have no plans to acquire a dog! Used to have a cat; when we moved we found a large stack of pills under the sofa…….

    1. Wow, what a question!

      For me it actually takes two people… to hold the mouth open as another person squirts it down the throat. Then, immediately the person who held the mouth open, clamps it closed and holds it closed as the person with the baster then massages the throat to make the dog swallow…… 🙂

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