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Working with Silk Thread

Silk thread is so fine that it tends to slide right out of the eye of the needle. One solution is to actually tie the thread to the needle — the silk is so fine that the knot does not interfere with the sewing. Here are the steps.

Note that for better visibility, we’ve used a huge needle and perle cotton, not silk thread, in the photos.

1. Thread the needle.
2. Wrap the short end of thread twice around your index finger, leaving at least two inches of tail below the wrapped thread.
3. Keeping hold of the tail of thread, bring the needle underneath the two loops.
4. Pull the needle through. As you pull, you will see a knot form. Release the short end of the thread and pull on the long end and the knot will draw up to the needle.
5. Now you are ready to sew!
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