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Australia Trip

Australia 1My trip to Australia started out a little rocky. I had been diagnosed with mononucleosis a few weeks earlier and was still pretty tired. I got to the airport to check in two and a half hours early as I always do. I have been going to Australia almost once a year for at least 15 years and I’ve always gotten my visa from the airlines at check-in. When I got there this time, I was informed that United stopped doing that a couple of months ago. No visa, not enough time, I missed my plane. I was able to rebook for the following day but there went my day of rest to get over jet lag.

When I did finally leave the next day, I had a layover in Los Angeles and didn’t realize until I was already halfway to Melbourne that I had left my brand new phone in the LA airport. (Sigh.)

Aussie9When I arrived, I was met by my friend and host, Sue Bennett. Fortunately Sue’s husband, Malcolm, lent me his iPad so I could check email and communicate with all back home.

The second night I was there, I woke up at 3 AM and couldn’t sleep. I did what most of us do these days and checked email. There was a message from my neighbor, who didn’t know I had left the country. She wanted to know if everything was okay, because she had seen three police cars going to our house. There was no phone in my room and I couldn’t very well knock on Sue’s door in the middle of the night to use her phone.

I emailed the shop and asked them to find out what was going on. It ended up that all was okay but I’ll save that one-of-a-kind story for next week.

Diamonds in AustraliaThe rest of the trip was delightful. I gave four lectures at the Australasian Quilt Convention and did some additional workshops. My classes included Lotus design and construction techniques and how I used the Apliquick tool to create its appliqué.

Australia 2

I also taught Color Confidence and Diamonds Galore with its many design opportunities. I love seeing my students’ creativity. They inspire me! I came back with all sorts of new ideas and can’t wait to get started creating new projects.

Although I didn’t get much time to wander the quilt show, the quilts were wonderful, and it was great seeing so many friends I have made over the years. I was able to get lots of rest and sewing done.

Australia 3 copy

5 thoughts on “Australia Trip

  1. What is the kaleidoscope pattern of the quilt you’re holding up in the second picture?

    1. That was a quilt that Jinny designed for the Quilter’s Quest (our local shop hop) a few years back entitled “Alhambra.”

      1. Cool. Any copies of the pattern still in captivity? I really, really love kaledioscopes.

      2. Unfortunately that was a pattern that we only had available during Quest….if you know anyone who did the Northern Virginia/Maryland 2012 Shop Hop- the might have the pattern for you to borrow.

  2. Your students look like they have really nice shading. I’m still working on it. I miss the JB Club but am concentrating on my quilting. Only way I am going to get better. Much thanks to Jinny and her entire staff.

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