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Red Fort

The Taj Mahal is one of the most popular tourist attractions in India. But I think, equally compelling is the amazing Red Fort which is only a mile and a half away. The Red Fort as it is today was built by Akbar the Great (1542-1605) at the site of an older fort dating back to the 11th century. More than 4000 builders worked on it daily until its completion in 1573. This remarkable structure was a walled city built by Akbar in 1654 and used as a military strategic point as well as the royal residence.


Red fort courtesy of AGRA


Built of red sandstone, it has incredible designs throughout.  Whether we examine the edging on top of the building, latticework in windows, or decorations on the walls, patterns are everywhere.



I was inspired to make this quilt from one of those patterns which repeats throughout the fort. While modern day quilters call this design “Dutch Tile,” it has been around for centuries.

You can design one of these quilts yourself without a pattern. Check out “Designing with Diamonds” on my “Tips and Lessons” page. I’ve given you the “formula” I used when designing my “Red Fort” quilt. I would love to see what you create.

These photos of inside the Red Fort were taken on the tour to India with Sew Many Places last October. I began quilting while living in India years ago and every time I go back I am inspired anew by the color and design that surrounds this incredible country. I’ll be going there again on another tour next March. If you have ever wanted to go to India, this is a perfect way to be pampered and inspired.


4 thoughts on “Red Fort

  1. So glad to see more information about how you design your diamond quilts and the instructions for your latest quilt! You are so amazing! You make it possible for someone who doesn’t have your facility with geometry and artistic talent to create beautiful diamond design quilts.

    I would also like to know the answer to the “cliffhanger” from last week’s blog post you promised to share with us this week concerning the three police cars driving to your house while you were in Australia and you didn’t have your phone to call to find out what had happened.

    1. Ahhh, yes! Thank you for following our blog and next week we promise to give you more details about those police cars! Jinny was so excited about her diamond quilt that she couldn’t wait to post her instructions- also this week’s web special are the pixies!

  2. I can’t travel the world but thank you for sharing your travels and the inspiration it gives you. Hence you inspire me.
    Linda Peck

  3. These are wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing them. And your quilt is fantastic, what a great colour combination.

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