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Celebrate National Poinsettia Day

One of my favorite things to do is to find a beautiful Image, extract the colors from the image and then find fabrics to go with those colors. It’s a great way to experiment with color and to select a beautiful palette for a new project. So, in honor of National Poinsettia Day on December 12, I worked with a photo taken at a local business, Merrifield Garden Center, by one of our staffers, Nancy, and created a bundle of fabric that is also this week’s web special.



In addition to the fabrics, I wanted to give you a suggestion for a project which uses these fabrics. I’ve chosen the block, Triangle Charm, from our Quilters Block Library . This is a free pattern which can be downloaded in a 6, 10 or 12-inch block. I selected a 10-inch block. This allows you to easily cut the triangles from 3-inch strips.



A half yard bundle will give you plenty of fabrics to make sixteen 10 or 12–inch blocks with leftovers for other projects. You will need additional fabrics for your choice of border.

The block is an easy one made with a simple right triangle. The final outcome of the design is reflected in the amount of each color used. The secret is in the shading and there are a variety of ways to shade it. For this blog, I have chosen two variations. Block 1 has more darks with the lights giving the sparkle and Block 2 has the color shading reversed so there are more lights in the quilt. Both have exactly the same fabrics from our Poinsettia bundle.


Block one and block two


Select the block you prefer then layout and arrange one block to use as a fabric placement reference for the remaining ones.

In the layout I have used, half of the blocks are made one way and the other half are reversed. Block 1 is used here.



First, four of the regular blocks are pinwheeled. Make two of these regular pinwheel units.



The reverse blocks are also pinwheeled as shown below. Make two of these.



Arrange the regular and reverse pinwheel units as follows:



In past blogs I have talked about proportions of color and how different a quilt can look depending on how much of each color is used.  The color impact of this same design, using block 2, which contains more light colors is quite striking.


Quilt made with block one and quilt made with block two


To me, adding a border to a quilt, is like putting a frame on a painting. It finishes off the design. Like paintings, some quilts do not call for a final “frame” but for the most part, I like to add some sort of border, usually a “border print”. Click here to see a video demonstration of how to put a border print frame on a quilt and achieve perfectly mitered corners.

Here are four different border print frames. Two yards is sufficient if using the 10” version of the block. Some borders suit the darker version of the quilt and some the lighter version.


Casablanca red border, 2795-04


Casablanca brown border, 2795-02


Sophia border, 1280-05


Ashford border, 1695-41


I hope you enjoy playing with these fabrics.  Let us know what you choose to do with them.

14 thoughts on “Celebrate National Poinsettia Day

  1. Did I miss a link to buy this half-yard bundle and border?

    1. Hi, Linda – the poinsettia bundle will be the web special starting tomorrow, Wednesday, December 11. Not much longer to wait!

  2. I dont see this set of fabrics in the web special.

    1. Hi, Jenny! The poinsettia bundle web special will start tomorrow, Wednesday December 11. Keep an eye out for it!

  3. Would the fat quarter bundle be enough for the 6″ blocks?

    1. Hi, Pam –
      Yes, the fat quarter bundle should make enough 6″ blocks to make the quilt that Jinny shows in her blog.

  4. How many blocks can you make with the fat quarter bundle?

    1. Hi, Carol –
      From the fat quarter bundle, you cannot make enough 10″ blocks for the quilt that Jinny shows. However, you can make the quilt using the fat quarter bundle if you scale down to a 6″ block size. Happy stitching!

  5. Jinny, can you provide a numbered chart for these two blocks so we can get the correct placement of the 14 fabrics as pictured above? Since there’s a difference in numbers of darks in block one and lights in block two, a chart would be helpful as I’m not seeing all 14 fabrics used in both blocks.

    1. Hi, Linda – The fabrics in the bundle will come packaged in the correct order, light to dark. Number them when they arrive and then follow the illustrations in the blog. Happy sewing!

  6. Let me know when and where it’s available.

    1. Hi there – the bundle is on our website now – just visit the “Web Specials” link.

  7. What a beautiful quilt. I have always admired your eye for color. This quilt is just gorgeous. Thank you for showing it with the lighter fabrics as well. Happy quilting!


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