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Enjoying My Stolen Moments

It’s been quite busy here at the Studio. Even though two new lines of fabrics have just come out, I’ve been working on several new collections for the coming year. I’ve been designing new projects to go along with all of this fabric. I’ve been traveling. And, I’ve been sewing.

I’ve had a so much fun piecing my latest design, a quilt for our annual shop hop, Quilters’ Quest, coming in November. If you read our September newsletter, you saw a little peak at it. Here is a little bit more.  I should be able to show the quilt with some of the appliqué background in the next couple of weeks.

QQ Star

This Lone Star quilt will combine piecing and appliqué. I first started doing this about 20 years ago with soft-edge piecing.

Renaissance Garden
Renaissance Garden

For another Quest a few years ago, the Midnight Garden quilt and tote combined beautiful appliqué created by staff member Diane Kirkhart along with my central pieced design.

mid basket- finalThe introduction of new appliqué tools to the market inspired me to create another quilt combining piecing and appliqué. The color palette for this year’s Quest is made up of vibrant jewel tones and I’ve used these colors to create my Lone Star. In what is normally just empty background around the star, I’m adding elegant vines and flowers. I’ve had the most wonderful time working on this project, always looking forward to the opportunities when I could sit down and sew.

appliquick imageWe have recently started carrying Apliquick tools. I’ll admit that I tend to stick with methods I’ve used for years but I do find these products really do simplify the process, making it much easier to achieve success. We have an introduction to these tools under our “Tips and Lessons” tab.

The pattern for this quilt will be available during the Quest for free.  You get a free pattern from each participating shop during this 10-day period.

Maybe more than the design process, I’ve simply been enjoying the sewing. In my Quiltmaking by Hand book, I quote Rose Wider Lane from The Woman’s Day Book of American Needlework, 1964: “Then you thread a needle and settle comfortably in your chair. The needle runs easily back and forth through soft cloth while nerves relax and useless worries fade away.” So when life seems a little hectic, I’m just going to enjoy my stitching every chance I get.

7 thoughts on “Enjoying My Stolen Moments

  1. Had the pleasure of visiting your studio this past June. Your patterns and fabrics are beautiful. Certainly do inspire projects. My friend and I were talking about Rose Wilder Lane yesterday as we took our morning walk. Thank you for all your inspiration. Am looking forward to reading your Quiltmaking by Hand.

  2. Hello Jinny,

    Would people that live far away and are not participating in the shop hop, would be able to buy the pattern and fabrics for this year’s Quest?
    I love the Star already!!!! It will be a beautiful Quilt. Anything your hands touch and your mind creates results in an outstanding creations!

    1. The fabrics from this quilt come from all of the participating shops. The “questers” can pick up the fabrics at each shop. We don’t carry all of these fabrics in our shop.

  3. Soon we will have the Apliquick tools in Ukraine, we have made an order. If all goes well (will not be extending the war), we will share the results of their use.

  4. Hi Jinny greets from Australia
    just love you’re work and looking forward to seeing the completed quilt. Question what do u mean soft edge piecing? thank you Deni

  5. What a wonderful quote. I’ve been recovering from knee replacement surgery and my favorite moments were those when the exercises were done and I could sit down with my hand sewing. I have had the pleasure of both your Quiltmaking by Hand book and class. I wanted a chance to practice what I learned last spring so I planned to work on Columbia (but in a blue palette) while laid up. I’m halfway through the second pieced border and absolutely can testify that it helps my “worries fade away”. Thank you for your wonderful teaching, fabrics, patterns, inspiration, and for being a great resource of quotes!

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