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Out with the old and in with the new

When I first opened the Studio, I had the vision of a cozy quilt shop which would welcome my customers and not feel like a store even if that’s what it was. I never fail to feel that coziness each time I step inside. I suppose that’s why when the staff started telling me that we needed to do a bit of sprucing up, I put it off. As we often do at home, we don’t always notice when it’s time for a change.

With the busy fall season fast approaching, I finally realized, yes, it was time, especially with the long Labor Day weekend fast approaching. There is an awful lot of stuff which has to be moved around to paint a shop and unfortunately for the staff (and maybe lucky for me) I would not be around to help out. At close of business on Saturday, several of them moved fabric cases and bookshelves, removed quilts from walls, and so much more to get the shop ready.

shop staff cleaningThe first step was to remove the fabric which has covered the walls for 13 years.  Underneath, it was discovered that there was not one but two layers of wallpaper. Once that was all removed, painting the walls with a cheery white could begin.

shop redo 5

It’s only a start, but we love how it looks! Things have gone back in, been moved around, and quilts are being hung.  While we couldn’t do the whole shop at once (why, we’d have to close for DAYS to do that), it has started a bit of a “clean up and clean out” feeling among us all. Hmmm….now what should we do next?

4 thoughts on “Out with the old and in with the new

  1. as I start to declutter my craftroom, paintingroom, and quiltroom, Im hoping I can make it inviting “come in and lets sew today”. Ive got 4 large rooms to declutter of painting supplies, beading supplies, needle craft supply including SRE, scrapbooking, and sewing and quilting supplies, plus my holiday decorations, etc. too much! keep inspiring us!

  2. Now would be a perfect time to have a big sale. Or giveaway bags with some of the stuff that was found in corners! Good idea??

  3. Jinny,

    I love your Patchwork book and think you should sell a or the collection as printed to EQ. I am sure there are many people like me who do not want to draft, but would love to make some of the designs—especially those of the 42 grid!
    Thanks for all your wonderful designs for those of us who are designed challenged.

  4. I wish you success!

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