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Fun With Puzzle Balls

Boxes!Wow! We’ve really started the New Year off with a bang here at the Studio.  It’s been incredibly busy!  I suppose with all of the nasty weather across the US, many of you are staying in your cozy homes and quilting.  If you’ve ordered from us, it may take us just a little longer to get your orders out so thank you in advance for your patience.

Thank you also for the fabulous response to my project with Craftsy.  We’ve been getting lots of calls here at the Studio about Craftsy’s BOM program. While my customer service staffers can answer lots of questions, the BOM program is Craftsy’s so it is Craftsy who can best answer the questions.  Here is their Help Center link where you can get answers to frequently asked questions.  They will continue to add FAQs to this button

Now for a fun project and a great idea…..

Puzzle ball bookWhen I first designed my Puzzle Balls many years ago, I thought of them as a great take-along hand project and as a wonderful project when teaching children to hand piece.  What never occurred to me was how popular they would be with animal lovers and their pets.

Many a customer has come into the Studio or written to tell us how much their pets enjoy batting them around.  They seem to be most appealing to cats and many of their owners will insert little noisemakers, like bells or even catnip inside which make them even more fun.

I recently received a letter from Amy L. from Lowell, MA.  Amy is a member of the Chelmsford Quilters’ Guild.  She started making a few puzzle balls for her family and friends. Most ended up as pin cushions, but one she made specifically as a cat toy for a cat belonging to friends.

Since Amy is fond of Siamese cats, friends suggested she adopt a cat through Siamese Cat Rescue Center.  The Siamese Cat Rescue Center has a circle of volunteers who can transport cats all up and down the coast.  Little Rumi made the 9-hour trip from Virginia to Massachusetts.

The aforementioned Rumi, he is a little camera shy.
The aforementioned Rumi, he is a little camera shy.

Trying to find a quilting project to work on, Amy remembered the puzzle balls and how her friends’ cats enjoyed them. She began the Meezer Teaser project as a fund-raising project for the Siamese Cat Rescue Center who gave her Rumi.  This organization works to rescue Siamese before they are euthanized at shelters and to offer a variety of information and resources related to the Siamese cat.

MT LogoUsing scraps from wherever she can get them along with polyester fiberfill (and later catnip) , Amy makes up little baggies with the parts for the puzzle balls so she can just grab them and her sewing case to work on them wherever she goes. The Siamese Cat Rescue Center will be selling them through their fundraising storefront called “The Siamese Store.” (Note: They are not yet on their website.)

Miko, the "action cat" playing with the puzzle balls.
Miko, the “action cat” playing with the puzzle balls.

What a wonderful idea Amy has had. We wish you luck, Amy, with this wonderful fundraising effort. When events in the world get a little scary, it is nice be reminded of these small acts of caring and the contributions each of us can make.

3 thoughts on “Fun With Puzzle Balls

  1. I’m going to make one for our gorgeous Siamese/Burmese cross. I need pick up and go projects.
    Who knows, I might make some for the local REP CA, later!

  2. RSPCA.

  3. When my grandson was born, I sewed him several of these balls, one of the balls I put a rattle. When the grandson of a little grown, I sewed a ball of fabrics containing the image of different vegetables and fruits. I also sewed a ball with facets of different colors and my grandson could learn colors. I have sewed a lot of balls. This is the best gift for Christmas, if you use a Christmas fabric. I noticed that adults also love to play of these balls.

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