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So now the best kept secret is out!

Craftsy BOM final quilt
Craftsy 2015 BOM Quilt

So now the best kept secret is out. Craftsy, RJR Fabrics and I have just announced our partnership in presenting the 2015 Craftsy Block of the month. During all my blogs these last eight months it was very difficult for me not to mention this project that was consuming a major amount of my time.

We worked very hard to present a program that covered a wide variety of quilting skills and each month students learn a different technique. We will cover hand and machine piecing, paper piecing, two methods of applique, mitering, working with border prints and more.

All of my summer and the better part of three more months was spent on developing this Craftsy 2015 Block of the Month. We began with preparing the outline and what would happen each month. Then there was the task of making the quilt, making all the stepouts, writing the pattern.

And finally, the production. I spent a week at the Craftsy studios in Denver and was extremely impressed with every aspect of the production and the professional way everything was handled. There were long days filming, refilming, dealing with a power outage, thunderstorms that pelted the roof so we had to stop filming because it interfered with the sound and lots more!

It was an exhilarating week and now that I see the final product I’m even more impressed.

Craftsy workshop1I’ve had so many requests the past few years to do online classes for those of you who can’t travel to the Studio here in Virginia. I’m so happy to be able to present this for you. The class is free so I encourage all of you to sign up for it through this link.

Blog image1Craftsy is the exclusive source for the kit. You can find all the information you need by visiting our site by clicking here. They have been overwhelmed by the response to the class and kit and sold out of their first order of kits within two days of announcing the class. If you receive that notice, keep checking this link periodically to see when they have restocked.

I hope you enjoy the class and I want to see photos of your quilt in progress!

Now about my sewing room situation which I shared with you last week. I’ve made a bit of progress……..I cleaned out one drawer. Hey, you have to start somewhere.

We love the “before” photos we’ve gotten from you on Facebook and the blog. Keep them coming. Staffer Diane shared her sewing room pics, and I realized now why I like her so much. Here are a couple of photos.

Diane's Workroom

15 thoughts on “So now the best kept secret is out!

  1. Thanks for this class. As soon I saw it I know I had to sign up. Looking to starting this project with you. I know I will learn a lot as I have learnt plenty from your books that I have in my library.

  2. Thanks for this opportunity.I received my kit and am ready to start…so excited to get to take a lesson from you.have admired you and your work for years. Again thank you

  3. I went back to Craftsy today to buy the Block of the Month and it is GONE……:(
    I’m so sad.
    Is the pattern available????
    What about fabric ???

    1. You can still sign up for the free class and receive the pattern, more kits will become available soon through Craftsy.

  4. If anyone decides not to do your BOM, I would like to purchase it from you.
    I just missed getting it. 🙁

    1. Craftsy will be restocking so definitely check back shortly.

  5. Thanks for the class and I was able to order the kit…so excited! Also thanks for sharing the photos of the work spaces…now I do not feel so bad! I love it all tidy and organized but it sure doesn’t take long for that to undo itself.

  6. I joined the class, but even though the kit was on sale, I had to wait on my monthly paycheck to buy it. Alas, now it is sold out. Would it be possible to get a kit directly from you?

    1. If I had continued reading the blog, I would have seen that I should check back at Craftsy for a new shipment of kits. So disregard my question.

  7. My kit arrived yesterday and I a beyond thrilled. The colors are simply fabulous. I am so excited to have Jinny for my teacher! Be patient everybody. They will have more kits for you soon.

  8. I received the kit and am excited about starting my quilt, however I would like to purchase extra of fabrics #6,7 & 8 in orde to enlarge the quilt. Is this possible? If it is possible, where can I purchase it.

    1. All of the fabrics are available by the yard at, you just have to search for the fabric by the style number.

  9. I am looking for the fabric of the 2015 BOM. Where would I be able to purchase or is there another color way that could be used?

    1. All of the fabrics are available by the yard at, you just have to search for the fabric by the style number which is provided in your general instructions from Craftsy.

  10. Dear Jinny,
    What a nice surprise to see you teaching again!
    I have seen one of you lectures here in Germany in the 90th. The placemats I sewed are still in use and my kids are very fond of them. At that time I bought lots of your border fabrics, which I will put to use now. I am still figuring out the math, because there is know size of the border fabric in the material list.
    I also have your books on colour and several others.
    Love your work

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