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Quarantine Quilts Part V

For the past few weeks, we, the staff, have taken over Jinny’s blog on several occasions to let you see while the staff is keeping to home when we are not at the Studio.  Today we have for you our last installment, at least for a while, on Quarantine Quilts. 




Even though she is in the middle of moving to Ohio, before she left us at the Studio, JJ made sure to send us photos of her latest projects with the note, “Everyone is showing off more quilts than me so I look like a slacker!”  Just looking at her Moon Glow quilt,  finished and quilted, we think you will agree that this woman is no slacker.



JJ also sent a picture of this adorable quilt, also finished and quilted. Sewology is a BOM from a quilt shop in Utah and we are sure it is going to look wonderful in her new sewing room. 




Just in time for Easter, Cathy finished this lovely Easter Cross by Martha D-Zines. The second photo shows how it started. The method is pinwheel twist using the Lil’ Twister tool.



Cathy also has been working on this simple but adorable pattern called Ebb Tide by Villa Rosa Design. The fabric is Home Sweet Gnome by Cotton & Steel (Sarah Watts). Her daughter happens to love gnomes and Cathy wanted a mindless and relaxing project.




In addition to the masks she has been making, Dana has been working on her Lemur quilt, an Elizabeth Hartman design.  There is a total of 20 lemurs and she has made her way through four!  She is using Jinny’s fabrics, a mix of palette, some collections and batiks.  She is also using C See’s Portable Design Mat because “it is totally perfect for small pieces!”



Dana is trying to keep a sense of normalcy even working from home and tries to dress up as much as she can for work…but with slippers.  For a “comfy” outfit to change into when work is done, she made this quarantine top some knit fabrics that she had with cats to enjoy the comfort of her home. The quilt behind her is the one her grandmother made for her, quilted entirely by hand.



And since she and her husband, Alen, are using this time to decorate their house.  Wanting to wallpaper a wall in our dining room, they ordered this peel and stick wallpaper from Spoonflower. Dana says “it is divine and super easy to work with – it even feels like fabric.”




Since the retail shop is closed to walk-in customers, Rebecca took home the Border Play sample she made and machine quilted it.  She loves the color combination!  Now she just has to bury threads and bind it, so it will be hanging up whenever we are ready to reopen.  She basted five other quilts including this Labyrinth, so there will be lots of quilting in the days and weeks ahead!  She has also made 60 masks for family, friends, neighbors, and hospital workers.



You’ve gotten a glimpse into what we are up to during this strange time. Now, we’d love to see what you’re doing. Share your pictures on our Facebook page.

6 thoughts on “Quarantine Quilts Part V

  1. Thanks for the quarantine quilts series. So interesting and a good reminder that ‘we are all in this together.’ Jane S

  2. How wonderful to see such a great selection of quilts. Moonglow was the quilt I saw many years ago which inspired me to do Patchwork. I have loved Jinny’s fabrics and designs ever since. Would be lovely to get them in Uk.
    Thank you.

  3. When I turned 50, I stopped being jealous. Then I turned 60 and started quilting. Now I am jealous again. 😄

  4. The next sewing project for me needs to be a studio-clean up! It is worse than a tornado having been through (not that I’ve experienced a real one), but enough is enough.

    I just finished +/- 150 masks, aka nose mittens, for the nursing home and the local grocery store.

    Alex Anderson suggested a Saturday quilt show, hanging a quilt at the front of your house for the rest of the world to enjoy. I’ve been trying to do that, but realized most of my completed projects no longer live with me.

  5. PS. Thank you for sharing your works for the rest of us to enjoy, and take for inspiration.

  6. sorry you are closing never got a chance to visit store since i live wa. got hooked on Jean when she taught in Stevenson Wa years ago /But i do order on line from you all love your dales so look forward to what you have New

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