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Changes Ahead for JINNY BEYER STUDIO

In this time of change for all of us, I would like you to know that I have decided to close my “brick and mortar” retail shop. Only our physical store in Great Falls, VA will close. Our internet business will continue. You will still be able to order my fabrics, products, kits and patterns online. Our weekly website specials and monthly newsletter will continue.

I want to emphasize that I am not retiring but just easing up a bit by eliminating the demands on me that the retail shop requires. I plan to continue designing fabric, growing the internet business, creating a succession of online YouTube video lessons such as we have been doing this year and, when the virus circumstances permit, I will also continue the Craftours trips that I had scheduled and may schedule in the future.

In August, we will move to a new location, still in Great Falls, that is more suitable to a mail-order business. Curbside pickup for local customers and visitors who order online but want to pick it up at the Studio will continue at our current location until then, and subsequently at our new address.

Our Shoppers Reward cards for in-store customers will be valid until August 31st. If you have a fully-stamped card that you were waiting to redeem, mail it to us and we will apply it to your next online order, providing it is placed before August 31.

When I opened the retail store as part of my business, JINNY BEYER STUDIO, I thought it would be great if I could have it go for 20 years — which would also coincide with my 80th birthday. As that time has approached I have been wishy washy about what to do. I loved having the shop but also wanted more time for traveling, working on my personal quilts and visiting family and friends. This year is the 20th anniversary of the opening of the shop and next year I will turn 80.

Covid-19 has definitely forced my hand. We have been closed since March 16 and I don’t see us opening any time soon. Even if we get the word from our Governor that we can reopen with some restrictions, I could not with a full conscience do so. With cases still rising in Virginia, I would not want to expose my staff or my customers to the possibility of contracting the virus because of my decision. Those of you who have been to the shop know that is not conducive to “social distancing”. So, with the uncertainty of when our lives will return to normal, the virus cemented my decision.

I want to thank all of you for your support during this pandemic and pray that everyone stays healthy. I will be in touch!

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64 thoughts on “Changes Ahead for JINNY BEYER STUDIO

  1. Jinny, I think you are making an excellent decision for your future! Ive got a few years on you-Ill be 82 next month-and life is so short! Enjoy your time left on this earth-your family will love you for it!!! Even tho we will all miss you and the shop, at least we can still get the product online!!!! Im ordering the border sale packages tomorrow-I just want to wish you much happiness –Happy sewing!!! your friend, Juanita Ashley, Wesson, Ms.

  2. When I moved West from Great Falls in 1995 (!) the saddest part of leaving was leaving your shop (which had just opened). I have enjoyed your newsletter and patterns and fabric via mail, and will continue to follow you on line, but having my 80th this year I fully understand your need to “downsize”. Best wishes for your future!

  3. I always visited your shop when I was in the DC area and spent tons of money:) You inspired me with color and techniques when nobody in my area was doing them! I just moved to VA and was looking forward to being a regular at your shop and am sad about the news, but excited for your next chapter. Enjoy it!

  4. The few times I was at your store I was so inspired. One time you enen helped me personally to pick a fabric that I questioned at the time but ended up making a beautiful quilt. Best of Luck – put me on your list for announcements and sales.

  5. Dear Jinny,

    Over the last 20 years you have provided your wonderful talents and quilting products to our community and to markets all over the world. You have done much to put Great Falls, VA, on the map. Sometimes my husband would stop by your shop to buy me a beautiful gift! All of us will miss your helpful staff, your shop and you, but your reasons for closing your doors are understandable.
    Thank you for making your inventory available on line. Jinny, you are a caring, thoughtful, generous person whom I am honored to know.

    All the best always,
    Clara Sue

  6. Dear Jinny,
    On a personal/selfish level I am very sad that your shop is closing. I loved visiting your shop when I visited my daughter who lives in Bethesda. However, I wish you much health and happiness with your new plan.
    I also wanted you to know how much I appreciated and loved your BOM projects!!! I am not always timely with finishing–really hardly ever timely!!! But I love them!! You have always presented a new challenge that turned out absolutely beautiful!!
    I hope you will consider continuing that challenge!!!
    Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do
    I wish you much happiness

    Thank you for all that you have done to inspire me and all quilters!!!
    With much gratitude and wishes for your happiness

  7. Jinny, I have loved visiting your shop (for at least 10 years) and seeing you and your wonderful staff whenever I come to the DC area. I will truly miss your studio … such beautiful lush colors of fabrics when one walks in …. but I totally understand your decision. I wish you the very best! Thank you so much for your beautiful fabrics. I hope you stay healthy and enjoy life and your fabric and travel passions. Happy 80th birthday “a little early”!

  8. UGH!
    I was going to try to come out this week from Harper’s Ferry.
    Whit is or was the last date…
    I will miss you all. I usually only made it out to the store twice a year…
    Good luck in your new location..

  9. HI JINNY I have followed you on Georgia Bonesteel’s Lap Quilting when you were on in the 80s you talked about thimbles I think and your puzzle ball . Whenever there was a magazine article with your name , I got it just to read your article. If there was a special on PBS with you in I saw it. You and I share a love of hand piecing, its like slow cooking and not many of us have the patience left. I began quilting in 1984 when the first Country Living issue came out .I was in my early 20s and I thought I was the only person under 40 who quilted but it stuck because I wanted to make a quilt that was in the CL mag and as you well know we couldn’t just buy a quilt then, in fact I think there was one or two stores in the entire country with supplies. It is amazing how far we have come since. There was no internet or a billions of dollars in the quilt industry and the rotary cutter had just come out.. However I have always remembered you as someone who had endured with the slow method as we call it and Im still doing this as much as I can, it is a great pensive and calming way to sew . I just read a quote today in Quiltmania Mag and it said , the act of sewing is a process of emotional repair . So it has been with you as I have sewed along many projects with Jinny. Im so sorry your store is closing . I think the marvel of the web is helping many earn a living at home. It is good news , I hope you farewell this way and please let us stay in touch , let us know what you are up to in the quilting world and family. Isabel Renbjor NJ p.s. keep in mind Youtube videos and online classes now we have Zoom !!!

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