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Jinny’s Windows quilt, made to honor the victims of the 9/11 attacks.


As we approach the 20th anniversary of 9/11, I want to share with you once again, the quilt I made to commemorate that tragic day. I wanted to honor all those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001. My goal was to have at least one piece for each of the victims. There are 4,777 pieces in the quilt. The one in the center is for my friend, Barbara Olson, who was in the plane that crashed into the Pentagon.

I began the quilt that week of September 11 and hoped to finish it just one year later by September 11, 2002. (I was one month late and finished it on October 11.) It is entirely hand pieced and I used more than 100 different templates and about 150 different fabrics all from collections I have designed over the years. I wanted to capture the spinning and chaos that surrounded those first days and to capture the colors I was seeing in the gray smoke and dust with the occasional, proud American flag standing tall. In the center is the Statue of Liberty which stands in New York Harbor and is repeated surrounding the center along with American flags.




In choosing the colors, I referred to an image I had been using in my color class where I took an image of the American flag, pixelated it and took out the colors using them in my quilt.



I am often asked how did I get the border print to curve? In the free tips section of my web site is a tutorial on how I achieved those curved effects. Here is a link.

And where did the name come from? I knew from the start that I wanted to call it “Windows.” Everyone was looking at windows that day – windows from planes, windows of televisions, people looking out windows from the top of the World Trade Center where sat the famous Windows on the World restaurant.

Probably, though, the most common question I am asked is if there is a pattern for the quilt and a kit available. Obviously with so many templates and fabrics used that would be impossible. Furthermore, it is a very personal quilt to me with lots of memories stitched into it.

20 thoughts on “Windows

  1. Beautiful. And we will not forget the day.

  2. The quilt is an incredible work of art and really brings out the emotions of many on that horrible day. Thank you for sharing something so beautiful to represent something so ugly; that truly is an heirloom.

  3. Such a wonderful tribute. Many generations to come will see your dedication. Beautiful. I would expect nothing less from you

  4. Beautiful, Jinny. You are so talented.

  5. Thank you for sharing and reminding us again of the significance of that day.

  6. Windows is an amazing quilt which obviously came from your heart. Thank you so much for sharing it.

  7. Only you, Jinny Beyer, could imagine and bring to life a masterpiece such as this to commemorate such a sad time in American history and in the lives of people everywhere. As the September 11 attack impacted lives, so has and will this quilt. Blessings and peace, Jane S

  8. I do remember when you first showed it on your website.
    It is a beautiful piece of art and a wonderful tribute to 9/11.

    1. I hope that one day it will be in the Smithsonian, for SO many reasons!

  9. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I had not seen your quilt before v

  10. What a beautiful, meaningful and wondrous quilt! Simply fabulous!

  11. It was a day I will never forget…
    Have you considered displaying your wonderful tribute at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in NYC?
    Your quilt is an extraordinarily heartfelt work of pain and love…

  12. Your Windows quilt is a beautiful memorial. I cherish the conversation we had surrounding this quilt which was on the cover of the book you signed when I visited your Shop/Studio with my very young granddaughter. Although I was not in the City working on that horrific day, my co-workers watched through the windows of our building. Returning to the City and my workplace has never been the same, nor will it ever be.
    Your honor and love to your friend is inspiring. God Bless you and the work on this quilt and the many quilts and techniques you have/are sharing with all of us. May their souls rest in peace. May you continue in good health to continue to create and amaze us.

  13. What a wonderful tribute this quilt is. I can’t imagine how many of your tears were spent as you made this. So beautiful. I took a class from you when I lived in Michigan so very many years ago. It was on borders and made a vest and skirt. You were such a wonderful teacher for a newbee.
    Thank you for the encouragement that kept this quilter going for over 50 years.
    Take care and good health to you

  14. Jinny
    What a wonderful quilt and I am glad it is the only one. It should be a national treasure to bring joy to that terrible day.
    Thank you. Jearit a Seattle quilter

  15. When ever I see it, I cry.
    I cry for our country’s loss.
    I cry for your year of sacrifice and remembrance.
    I cry at it’s beauty from such a tragedy!
    I cry for all the souls that are not with us today.

  16. The Windows quilt is magnificent and I thank you for sharing its beauty with us. Also your notes about making it. Yes, I think it should be an only one.

  17. Beautiful, beautiful quilt honoring so very many. Your thoughts and reasons for making this most honorable quilt is the work of a true quilt artist. Thank you Jinny for making such a honorable quilt to remember probably one of the worst days in our history. Your creativity is VERY well done and your fabric designs are above and beyond.

    Have made several of your quilts.

  18. May I use a picture of your 9/11 quilt as my face book profile picutre for Sept 11?

  19. This is truly a beautiful work of art . Ever since i saw a very large mosaic in Cornith in the museum inside of the ruins I have kept wondering if that was the inspiration in the planning of “Windows”

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