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Changes Ahead for JINNY BEYER STUDIO

In this time of change for all of us, I would like you to know that I have decided to close my “brick and mortar” retail shop. Only our physical store in Great Falls, VA will close. Our internet business will continue. You will still be able to order my fabrics, products, kits and patterns online. Our weekly website specials and monthly newsletter will continue.

I want to emphasize that I am not retiring but just easing up a bit by eliminating the demands on me that the retail shop requires. I plan to continue designing fabric, growing the internet business, creating a succession of online YouTube video lessons such as we have been doing this year and, when the virus circumstances permit, I will also continue the Craftours trips that I had scheduled and may schedule in the future.

In August, we will move to a new location, still in Great Falls, that is more suitable to a mail-order business. Curbside pickup for local customers and visitors who order online but want to pick it up at the Studio will continue at our current location until then, and subsequently at our new address.

Our Shoppers Reward cards for in-store customers will be valid until August 31st. If you have a fully-stamped card that you were waiting to redeem, mail it to us and we will apply it to your next online order, providing it is placed before August 31.

When I opened the retail store as part of my business, JINNY BEYER STUDIO, I thought it would be great if I could have it go for 20 years — which would also coincide with my 80th birthday. As that time has approached I have been wishy washy about what to do. I loved having the shop but also wanted more time for traveling, working on my personal quilts and visiting family and friends. This year is the 20th anniversary of the opening of the shop and next year I will turn 80.

Covid-19 has definitely forced my hand. We have been closed since March 16 and I don’t see us opening any time soon. Even if we get the word from our Governor that we can reopen with some restrictions, I could not with a full conscience do so. With cases still rising in Virginia, I would not want to expose my staff or my customers to the possibility of contracting the virus because of my decision. Those of you who have been to the shop know that is not conducive to “social distancing”. So, with the uncertainty of when our lives will return to normal, the virus cemented my decision.

I want to thank all of you for your support during this pandemic and pray that everyone stays healthy. I will be in touch!

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64 thoughts on “Changes Ahead for JINNY BEYER STUDIO

  1. Awww! So sad but happy as well that the on-line studio will remain available. I wish Jinny all the best and I sure hope to go on a Craftstour trip.

    1. I fully understand what you are doing. Web fabric is doing the same. As we get older we want to have time for self and our family. Have visited your store many times over the years and will miss you and your staff. Wishing you all the best

    2. I am so sad to hear this news it must have been a heart breaking decision to make and I wish you well in your venture I have logged in from England this morning to buy fabric kit for the queen Sumatra Quilt. It is now the time in my life when I have time to make this. Is it possible to order the kit? Paula

      1. Unfortunately we do not have the Sumatra quilt in stock, sorry. Maybe you can find another quilt that you would like to try?

  2. Sorry to see another place go where we can go to ‘feel’ the fabric. I think it is a sign of the times we are in. I wish Jenny the best as she follows the path she feels is the best for her. I will continue to look forward to emails from the studio. Jane S

  3. Dearest Jinny,
    It makes me happy to know that you are making positive choices for yourself! Thank you for thinking of us as you do so, in keeping your online business open. May you have many joyous years to come, enjoying your endeavors and your lovely family.
    One of the most wonderful things that my husband has done for me was to make it possible for me to visit your shop! (We live in Alaska.) I spent a delightful afternoon with Linda, selecting treasures to ship home. What happy memories!
    Thank you for many years of beautiful patterns, magnificent fabrics, and happy stitching!
    Warm regards,

    1. Jinny – Your shop and staff have been an important part of my journey as a quilter. I will miss the shop, but completely understand the desire to ease up a bit. Best of luck! I will look forward to your videos and shopping on line.

  4. I absolutely loved going to the studio when I lived in Norther VA. Once I moved, I was (and continue to be) a great supporter of the online business.

    Jinny – I want to thank you so much for all that you have done for quilting and quilting enthusiasists. I learned so much from you and your staff. Wishing you all the best!

  5. I wish you the very best and thank you for all the assistance you have provided quilters over the years. I first met you many years ago at a quilt show in Alabama. I am so appreciative that you will continue with the online business, weekly sales, and monthly newsletter. I am currently recovering from shoulder surgery and unable to sew/quilt. I have lots of your fabric and kits and look forward to getting back to work. You are a gifted teacher and designer. Thanks and take care of yourself.

    1. I want to thank you and best wishes on your decision. Years ago I purchased one of your quilt kit and I was hooked. I love your patterns and your beautiful fabric especially your border prints. Wishing you all the best from Canada.

  6. Jinny – While I certainly understand the decision, it will be so sad for many of us. I don’t live in Virginia any more, but when I did, I loved going up to Great Falls to visit your shop and did the Club on Saturdays for a while. It was a beautiful store in a lovely location, and your staff could not have been nicer. I wish you good health and good luck in all you decide to do, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  7. Congratulations on your incredible success and your 80th birthday! Your work has been an inspiration!

  8. I was only in your Studio once, our son lives in Vienna. I was delighted and had more I wants than money. It is a memory I cherish. So blessings from New Mexico.

  9. Oh no, I’ll so miss coming to the store when I visit VA. I guess I’ll transition to the online version. Love your fabrics and designs. Still have 1 kit I need to get started on. Thanks Jinny! Jill

  10. Sadly, I think this will be part of the “new normal” for many business owners. May you continue to have success in your designs and sales, our hearts are with you.

  11. Jinny, I love visiting and shopping at the Studio, and seeing you in classes.

  12. I wish only the best for you! I love your fabrics and your patterns. 🌹🌹🌹❤️

  13. I have loved visiting your store when I was in the DC area and will miss that as part of my trip. I am so glad you are still going to have online sales as most of my business with you is online! Thank you and I wish you much success in the future.

  14. While it is sad, I completely understand. Some of my biggest thrills were while taking classes from you at Tina Scarborough’s City of Roses Quilt Retreat and I thank you. I think we are all re-evaluating what is important and what can we let go. Wishing you good health, fun adventures, and good times with your family. Thank you for being one of the most generous quilt instructors since the beginning of the revival in the ’70s.

  15. Best wishes Jinny! I will certainly miss your wonderful shop and staff but know you have made a good decision for you! Thank you for all the classes and knowledge you shared, I have learned so much. Looking forward to hearing exciting news about you and the best staff. Prayers for all. Audrey

  16. Thanks and congratulations on a great run! We have always enjoyed visiting your store, as it was a destination for us as a family with two quilters. You, Jinny Beyer, were always gracious and welcoming during Quilters Quest, for many years, always there just inside the door to the store. You opened your home (2018) during the Historic Garden Week. What a thrill it was for all three of us to tour your historic home and beautiful grounds! Thanks for that, and for all the inspiration you give generations of quilters. I look forward to more inspiring Jinny Beyer patterns, fabrics, and tips.

  17. Best wishes to you, Jinny, as you make this transition. I know that your customers appreciate all you have done over the years, and also respect how much you deserve a lighter load. Love!!

  18. So sad to hear this – my bucket list included a visit here. I wish Jinny all the best and am thrilled the on-line will continue. I’ll not go far – Jinny is still my favorite fabric designer!

  19. Jinny, in the early 1990’s, I had begun to learn how to quilt but your fabrics are probably what kept me quilting. In my area, there were only calico prints and then I happened to find a couple of your fabrics. What a breath of fresh air! Thank you for many years of beautiful fabrics and I am happy to hear that you will continue designing. As a person with health issues, I completely understand about your retail store closing. My local store is open but I have only done curbside pickup and am not sure when I will feel comfortable enough to browse in the store. I wish you the best on this new chapter of your life.

  20. So happy ur online will remain open. Visited ur retail store several years ago and wish that I had lived closer to shop weekly. Best of luck and see u online.

  21. Good luck in your evolving business ventures. You are an amazing teacher and an inspiration. Thank you for those years and looking forward to the future JBS online.

  22. I will miss your store so much. Always a great to go there and then get an inc cream! Happy you will enjoy doing what you like.

  23. It has been absolutely wonderful to have the shop so close by–I even happened to come right before the closing in March. Will keep that memory forever. So sad to hear that the shop will close (to see the beautiful quilts was a treat every time) but totally understand the reasons, and very happy that the online presence will stay to help us keep quilting with the beautiful fabrics and patterns. Thank you for the wonderful 20 years and looking forward to many more, online!

  24. I so glad to have been able to experience several visits to your magical studio. Even my husband was gobsmacked when he entered the shop!

    Glad you will still be designing and creating and your delectable fabric will still be available! Stay safe…you are not the only shop to go all internet at this time.

  25. Jinny, I first watched you in the 1980s on PBS, and fell in love with your beautiful quilts and unique design sense. I remember sitting in the afternoons, nursing my babies and watching your show. 😊 You have always been my favorite quilter! I am glad to hear that you plan to do more videos and fabric designing, and that you’ll be keeping the online store open. I have learned so much from you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with all of us!❤️

  26. Jinny, I am sorry the shop is closing, but understand why. It has been a pleasure knowing you and working with you in the past with ARDCO templates. I am so glad that you will still be online. Good luck to you in your future.
    JoNell Smith

  27. Jenny, I know this is difficult for you, but this last year has probably been one of the most difficult years of your life so it is time to take care of “you”.
    I live in Miami, FL so I never had the privilege of seeing your home store but I’m sure it is a quilters delight and your local and loyal customers will miss the personal attention. Here in Miami, our only “real” quilt shop closed in 2011 and since then I have been an on-line quilter. (Strange to think that such a large city has NO quilt shop).
    I so appreciated the time you took to speak to me on the phone about Tumbling Blocks, unfortunately, I still have not been brave enough to take on the task…
    Thank you for being there for all of your customers, on line and in person.
    Stay healthy and safe,

  28. My only regret is that I never got to visit your store. My husband turned 80 this year and I am not far behind. He had a quadruple bypass, so my real hope is that we have him with us for a while. At 76 I am coming along quickly.
    I am so happy to see that someone is thinking* about the “virus” . It has become a fact of our lives.

  29. I’m very sad that the shop is closed and that there will be no more club or classes. I’ve made so many friends and we have shared such laughter through the years. I’m very happy that Jinny is continuing to design and create and that we will be able to connect online. It won’t be the same as being in the shop, but I’m glad to see that this isn’t the end, but a new beginning. All the best to Jinny and the studio staff.

  30. Totally understandable! You are amazing!

  31. I loved coming to your shop when I came down to visit my children who live in Falls Church. I’m happy that your online store will still be there. Your fabrics and patterns are so wonderful!

  32. When my daughter lived in Virginia, my visits to see her always included a visit to your charming studio. It was a place of creative possibilities for me and I will miss knowing I will never be able to walk around seeing the beautiful quilts and feeling the bolts of fabric as my imagination churned.
    Although I’ll miss my visits, I’m glad there will be an online connection. Change is a good thing, so cheers to Jinny on the new adventures ahead!

  33. Jinny, I’m sure this wasn’t an easy decision, but you’ve given so many people beautiful memories of the shop! Thank you for always sharing your dreams with us, your talent and most of all, love of quilting, friends and family!

  34. Visiting Jinny’s store was #1 on my bucket list. I have loved her and her quilts ever since I bought that famous issue of Good Housekeeping with her award winning quilt, Ray of Light! I am sad to hear of the closing, since I will never get to go there now! I understand the reason and it makes sense, with the life changing situation we are all faced with! Getting older puts it’s own burden on all of us and Jinny’s decision makes perfect sense. I wish her well with the online continuation of the business!

  35. The shop closure will not affect me as I live in England, but I wish Jinny a very happy and well deserved “ slowing down”😀. Your patterns and fabric ranges are inspirational and when I have ordered fabric your service is wonderful. My “Stoney Creek” quilt is still my favourite out of My many hundred quilts.
    Thank you xxxxx

  36. This brought a tear to my eye. My dream was to always visit the store. I understand completely and I have the online store at least. Bless you all

  37. One of my groups favorite road trips is to your studio and then walk across the green to the Irish Pub for lunch. I really hope your new location is reasonably close to the pub so we can continue the fun.

  38. Jinny, thank you for the years you have given of yourself and unlimited hours designing and teaching. Completely understand reevaluating life, sometimes the unexpected causes us to make changes we wouldn’t have made otherwise. Your shop has always reflected the love you have for quilting and wanting others to learn, for which I am grateful! I have thoroughly enjoyed every class taken through the years whether at the shop or Hilton Head and learned valuable information from you. I truly wish you continued success in life continuing your love for quilting, designing new fabric lines, enjoying family visits, traveling teaching tours (when safe), and a strong mail order business. Thank you for offering You Tube on line classes, I will definitely continue to tune in and expand my quilting education also a great chance to see you. All of your books purchased through the years are so valuable in my life, filled with a wealth of information. I look forward still receiving shop newsletters, always enjoy seeing pictures, reading stories of your family (especially grandchildren) and your outstanding garden!! I want to thank you for such an incredible group of ladies running the shop, teaching classes and mail orders through the years!! They have been a significant part of my shopping experiences whether I was physically there or called the shop for help. All of you are like family, we will continue this life line for many more years to come. Thank you Jinny for an incredible quilting journey 🙂

  39. I have never been to the Bricks and Mortar shop, but it has been my inspiration for years. !! My on-line purchaces have been brilliant.,…so very pleased that is continuing. ( In fact, I now buy J. Beyer fabrics mostly in Europe , where I live , because of customs charges.) But I do wish everyone a really good move to the new premises and to Jinny… delighted you a are continuing to design and do lessons etc.!! Could not do without you. XXX Best of luck and Thanks you.

  40. We used to come to Virginia every year for the quilt show at Chantilly and I was always more excited to your shop. I met you two times. Once at the shop and once in Chautauqua. I was in awe. You are my quilting star. I always tried to remember to bring my books to be autographed, but never did. I love the atmosphere at the shop and all the little doo dads. I will miss it. Thank you for all those memories. And your 9/11 quilt . I’m glad you will be online and still designing.

  41. I am very sad to see this; however I understand as we get older we need to make time for self and family. I have visited your store many times over the years and will miss it. Wishing you all the best in your new stage of life. Nicky

  42. Thank you for a fabulous 20 years Jinny. Your impact on the quilting world lives on. You are present on our books shelves, in our stash and in the seams and corners of most of our quilts.
    I look forward to your future exquisite contributions and wish you joy and peace always.

  43. I have been a Jinny Breyer fan since we were both 60 – and before! I have several books, lots of fabric and kits, some even finished! Since we moved to the area ten years ago I’ve been to the store several times and thoroughly enjoyed my visits there. I cant manage that anymore so I’ve been making use of online services anyway. I can say I feel you have made a good decision considering the uncertain future of coronavirus and I am sure glad you’re keeping up online shopping and teaching!!!

  44. How very wonderful for Jinny to have accomplished such an awesome and wonderful store all these years! The staff has always been fantastic and oh my goodness, seeing all the gorgeous fabrics in person can not be accurately described. I am forever grateful to have learned to quilt from Jinny (in her hand piecing classes, as well as 10 years in Quilt Club). I have a life long, and very enjoyable, hobby as a result. Jinny has always been such an inspiration and oh so very generous sharing her knowledge!

    I wish Jinny all the best and hope you truly enjoy this transition, allowing more time for other things!

  45. Happy Birthday Jinny. Another of life’s passages. We had attended several of your retreats at Hilton Head and were quite sad when they came to an end. This is another saddening event. I’m just very glad that you will continue to design your incredible fabric and make it available. NOBODY designs anything like it! Thanks for 20 years in Great Falls–and many happy returns of the birthday!

  46. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to visit your beautiful shop in Great Falls several years ago. I live in Utah so I have not been able to return but your a trip to Great Falls has definitely been on my bucket list. I so appreciated your kind staff and the welcome they gave me. I have been an online customer ever since and will remain one. I love your patterns and the beautiful fabric designs you create. Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Enjoy whatever the future holds!

  47. When you lose the love of your life as you and I have experienced, watch the birthdays mount up, and face each day differently, it is time to take care of yourself and make smart decisions. The contributions and dedicated efforts you have made and will continue to make to the quilting world are spectacular. The years I enjoyed in Hilton Head, the quilting lessons that have produced more beautiful results than disasters , and the genuine care, competence, and compassion of your staff have made a difference in my life. It does not matter which format you use to bring us your exquisite fabric because you are talented, gifted, skilled, and so caring. Your smile lights up every room and makes us feel so comfortable. Please know you are loved even in a mail order location! Happy days

  48. Jinny, Thank you for sharing your gift of quilt design, designing exquisite fabrics, selling quality supplies, making videos of so many useful techniques, and giving wonderful classes and books on hand quilting and tessellations. I made the rose Stained Glass Star quilt for my friend of 50 years, hand-pieced and hand quilted. Your ability to see, understand, and design intricate fabrics and quilts from different cultures, nature and commemorative events like 9/11 is inspiring….for my lifetime. Thank you.

  49. I hate to see another shop close. I really want to see the fabric “in person” before I buy. This is especially true when trying to pick colors. I understand your reasons, but will miss the hands-on experience.

  50. I am sad to hear that you will close your shop, Jinny. You, your caring staff and your wonderful fabrics have made it the loveliest one in this area. Those of us who have had the joy to visit and shop there know what I mean. And, those of us in your Jinny Beyer Club will miss our monthly meetings with you when you wowed us with your handmade quilts, shared special anecdotes, and inspired us with your amazing fabric designs, work ethic, and artistry. Thank you for your time and talent that you have given to quilters around the world. Enjoy the next happy chapter of your life!

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